Tuesday, December 31, 2013

REVIEW of Julie G Nail Color in Shimmer Island With SWATCHES

Hello my archipelago of faithful readers,

OK, I know that one was a stretch. Anyway, this is the last Julie G polish I have to review for you (unless I go out to Rite Aid and get a few more of them). I know I haven't really had many nice things to say about these polishes in the past but Shimmer Island was a nice change from the two creme polishes I tried. I'm not saying that it's inspired me to go out and stock up on Julie G polishes but I might think about picking up some more of the unconventional shades the next time I go to Rite Aid (whenever that is).

Color: Julie G Shimmer Island is a yellow green foil polish. I hemmed and hawed over how to categorize the finish and I've decided to go with a foil. Really, it reminds me a lot of Zoya Seraphina and a little of Revlon Carbonite. I'm not sure if it's a true foil or more of a flakie/foil/glitter hybrid. The first layer appears to be more of a flakie where small flakes of glitter are suspended in a sheer green-tinted base. As you build up the layers it appears more like a foil or a glitter. I definitely want to try this as a top coat. The color reminds me of Tinkerbell or Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. It has the light springy, grassy green quality. Sometimes the polish appears more like a true green and sometimes it seems to be more like a gold polish with a slight green tint. It can look a bit more textured like Revlon Carbonite or Butter London Wallis or it can look more like a glitter or foil with little flecks of sparkle depending on how it catches the light. I find that in brighter lighting conditions it looks more like a foil or glitter polish and in the shade under dimmer lighting it appears to have more of that Revlon Carbonite look.
Formula: The formula is on the thinner side as the polish consists of glitter suspended in a very thin transparent base as opposed to glitter suspended in a creme polish. 
Application: The first coat applied smoothly. This isn't a polish that is really going to drag as it's a very thin base with a glitter suspension so it's almost like applying a thin top coat. It is very sheer though. The second coat also applied smoothly but while it was very shimmery it was far from opaque. At three coats, the polish was still not fully opaque so I added a fourth coat. With the fourth coat, the polish still wasn't fully opaque but it looked fine because of all the shimmer. I think it came across better than Seraphina (you'll remember that I had issues with how sheer that polish was) because it seemed more like a thin, sheer polish than a patchy one. Shimmer Island applied very evenly so the sheerness seemed intentional.
Wear: I only wore this polish for a few days. Maybe three or four. I'm still disconnected from my laptop so I can't be certain. It was relatively easy to remove for a glitter though those little pieces of glitter were impossible to get off. It's two manicures later and I still have one or two pieces of glitter stuck to my nails. It really is the herpes of art supplies. I might use glue as a base coat if I wore this again.

CONCLUSION: It really is a very pretty polish. I got lots of compliments on it on the few days I was wearing it. I would say that if the idea of a Tinkerbell/Tiana polish appeals to you, go ahead and get Julie G Shimmer Island. It's only $4 at Rite Aid and it applies nicely if you don't mind the sheerness. So far it is the only Julie G polish that I've tried that I can say that I genuinely liked.


It doesn't really get this green but I thought I'd throw in the photos anyway.

This is one coat of the polish. It gives you a better idea of what I mean about it looking like a flakie.

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