Thursday, May 31, 2012

REVIEW of Essie's Sure Shot with SWATCHES

Hi darlings!

I've held off on this review because while I absolutely adore the color of Essie's Sure Shot, it has been a major pain to try and photograph. When this polish first came in the mail (I ordered it during a sale) I was surprised to see that it didn't quite seem to be the same shade as a lot of swatches I'd seen. Now, I know why. Taking a photo of a fuchsia polish is like trying to do swatches of a red lipstick. Anyway, I thought I'd do a nice review for you and give you the best swatches I can. Suffice to say, this polish looks a little different in person, richer, darker, and more of a sexy jewel tone.

As noted, this polish is a bright, rich, shimmery, jewel-toned fuchsia. The color feels saturated and lush and I just think it's so pretty and feminine and perfect for summer. I feel like it's one of those perfect colors that can fit a wide range of skintones and ages. The shimmer and the fuchsia make it young and flirty but the depth of the shade makes it a little more mature. This color would look great on really pale skintones and really dark skintones. I'd only be wary about medium skintones with undertones that clash with the fuchsia. It photographs more red but to me, fuchsias can go either red-toned or blue-toned.

Conclusion: I love this polish. I absolutely recommend this polish if you like fuchsia and bright jewel tones and I kind of want to run out and buy another bottle.

(not color accurate)

(not color accurate)

(not color accurate)

These last two are the closest thing I could get to color accurate. Dial it a shade or two darker and you'll get a good idea of what this polish looks like in person.

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