Friday, August 26, 2011

Wendy Mink Sample Sale

In case you don't comb sample sale blogs on a regular basis like I do, you may have missed word of the Wendy Mink Sample Sale that is happening right now. The sale was originally supposed to run Fri-Sun but because of Hurricane Irene, the store is going to be closed Sat-Sun and the sale will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I happen to be pretty close so I stopped by to check it out before all hell breaks loose. Really, news networks, I get it. Reporting on the scary, scary water won't protect anyone from it. Anyway, I got my first Wendy Mink piece just a month ago, cute little turquoise balls that go with just about any outfit. There's a picture in one of my earlier blog posts.

Anyway, I cleaned up at this sale. For a little over $200 I got 9 items. 3 pairs of earrings ($20 each) and 1 necklace ($30) for me, and 5 gifts I helped my mom pick out as early Christmas shopping. One of the things I love most about Wendy Mink is that you can find something light and pretty without settling for miniscule little stud earrings. I happen to have very long holes in my ears from a low piercing and a past of wearing heavy earrings so I have to be very careful about not wearing something too heavy because my earlobes can actually be sliced in half by the weight of an earring.

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