Monday, September 12, 2011

Essie's Power Clutch Swatches and REVIEW

I'll keep this one short.

Application was great. 2 coats for opacity, 3 coats to fix little imperfections (my fault). It applied very smoothly and almost self-corrected in a way.

Color. I would say it dried a touch darker than the color in the bottle but it's still very pretty. It's a dark slate gray and a mature way to wear a dark color without looking gothic or vampy. Also, the creamyness of the finish is just gorgeous. It picks up smudges easily so try and keep your hands clean and oil-free. The color is complex. Although it's a basic gray (no shimmer or chrome) it manages to somehow look like a dark khaki or brown in dim lighting. So it's definitely a cooler gray, something to keep in mind when trying to match to your skin tone. My outdoor lighting shots are pretty accurate for the darker side of the color but there's also a lighter gray you can get in bright light that my camera just wasn't picking up on.

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