Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Sad Day in the Rain For A Beauty Addict

I hate the rain. And the wind. They make me grumpy and very irritable. Add to that trekking off to nowhere to find one of my classes and carrying home a huge collection of books after a ridiculous wait in line at the bookstore and I had started muttering like a crazy person.

I am thus sad to report that of 1 Walgreens, 1 Duane Reade, and 1 CVS (I will check out KMart, 2 Duane Reades, and a Rite Aid another day) I was unable to find the Maybelline gel eyeliner I have been coveting. They've come out with a dark green shade (Forest) and a dark blue shade (Sapphire) and I may get one or two depending which drugstore deal works out best. So yes, Walgreens, CVS, and Rite (NOT Duane Reade which apparently never has sales) all have discounts on Maybelline this week and yet it's rainy and miserable (at least until Thursday) and I can't find the thing I want to be on sale. This is usually how my hunt for beauty products go. In other news, none of the 3 stores had the new Essie Fall 2011 collection either, but I happily snagged those as soon as I saw them from one of the Duane Reades that I did not go check today.

Ah, well. Hopefully the weather will clear up for Fashion's Night Out. If I get myself out of bed (physically and emotionally drained right now) I will report back with stories and pictures. :)

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