Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sigma Brush REVIEW

First, I will take you through the process of opening the package I got from Sigma. Very professional and lovely with lots of brochures. Sorry I don't make videos but as you can see my camera quality is not great.

Brushes with a "Congratulations"/Cleaning Intstructions card in a red-gauze drawstring bag.
Front of card
Back of card
Brochure #1
Inside Brochure #1
Brochure #2
Inside Brochure #2
Brochure #3
Inside Brochure #3
Close up of the brushes I ordered
Left to right (from the top down): Eye Shading E55 Brush, Small Contour F05 Brush, Pencil E30 Brush

So...onto the actual review. I've been using these brushes for about a month now so that's what I'm basing my review on. I don't know how they hold up over months or years.

Small Contour: F05
I use this brush for blush and sometimes for applying setting powder because I contour with liquid foundation. This brush does the job but not exceptionally well. It is pretty soft. It applies my Stila blush too heavily and my Covergirl blush too lightly. It doesn't blend blush pigment very well. It sheds to a ridiculous degree. I think soon there might not even be bristles left. My main problems are the varied applications, the lack of blending, and the amount of shedding. It is a month into using this brush and washing it after every use and it sheds at least 50% of the time (more than a few bristles).

Eye Shading: E55
This brush gets on my nerves. It is a good size for my eyes. I can use it to apply a highlight color, a base color over the eyelid, and maybe even the outer half of my eye if I'm not being too precise. BUT it doesn't lay down color very well, it doesn't blend well, and it is super abrasive to the point of being painful. If I lay the brush completely flat against my skin so none of the tips of the bristles are in contact with my skin it is a mediocre brush. Should even one bristle jab my skin at the right angle...ouch! This thing is incredibly painful.

Pencil: E30
This brush is a great size for a highlight at the inner corners of the eyes and doing the crease. I wish the taper were better. It's less of a tapered brush and more a bunch of uneven bristles. Like the eye shading brush it pokes me a lot. It is less painful though, and is usually not painful when I'm applying color to the crease, just when I'm applying a highlight at the inner corners or lining the bottom of my eye with eyeshadow.

So, yes. I am on the lookout for new brushes. They might be elf. I might even spring for MAC. I just want soft brushes that do what they're supposed to do. If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. :)

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