Thursday, August 16, 2012

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner REVIEW

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Clean Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy: $4.99-$5.99 for 12.7oz and 12.9oz bottles
What the card says... Did you know 99% of hair's natural strength comes from the scalp? Introducing CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY, a new line of shampoos and conditioners that nourish the scalp, and create the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair from root to tip. Wash your way to stronger hair in just 7 days.

Today I've got another review of a product from my Summer 2012 Influenster Voxbox? Do I always scramble the order of those words around? I feel like I do... Anyway, this time I'm reviewing the Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Nourishing Shampoo and Nourishing Daily Conditioner. Now, I have two things to disclose. Obviously, as this came in my Voxbox, I was sent this product to review. It will not change what I have to say. Secondly, it says that you can see results in 7 days but I don't wash my hair every day and I also didn't use this product consistently for 7 days so that might have skewed the results. Though personally, I think a good shampoo is always a good shampoo.

So, while I was using the product, these are were my thoughts...
I liked the scent of the products, though I think the shampoo smells better than the conditioner. The scent doesn't linger in your hair after you've washed it out but it's nice to sort of smell it in the shower. It's floral and slightly sweet like there's a fruit scent. The shampoo works into a light lather, not as much as I'd like, but it's fine. I have noticed that after I wash it out, my hair has a slightly squeaky feeling sometimes. It's not as bad as when I use Lush's Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar, but my hair does feel a little bit odd. As for the conditioner, it's not a very good detangler. I have straight Asian hair so I only get tangles if I don't wash my hair for a few days. I would say that if you have serious tangles, you will probably need an additional detangling product.

Basically, I don't think this product did anything except wash my hair and relieve some of my scalp itchiness. Which is fine. I just wanted to make a note of that. I kept looking to see if I'd get any more volume or shine but I didn't. In fact, my hair looked healthier and shinier with my old routine. It looks a bit dry and unhealthy after using Clear's Nourishing Shampoo and Nourishing Daily Conditioner which is odd for a product with "nourishing" in the name. The product did not reduce frizz. My hair was actually frizzier than when I started using it.

CONCLUSION: I probably won't be repurchasing this product nor can I really recommend it for anything other than the scent and maybe relieving some scalp itchiness.
If you're curious, this was how my testing process went...
(Note: I'm listing the days I tested the product not each day sequentially.)
DAY 1: Tried product, scalp as itchy as before using product, waited two days to wash hair
DAY 2: Tried product, scalp itched on third day, washed hair
BREAK: Went back to old routine, hair felt better and was noticeably shinier but scalp itched
DAY 3: Tried product, scalp did not itch until third day after washing hair
DAY 4: Tried product
BREAK: Got a haircut, lost a lot of length, hair felt a lot better after using salon products
BREAK: Went back to old routine, hair looked a lot better and noticeably shinier
DAY 5: Tried product, scalp itches a bit, waited two days to wash hair
DAY 6: Tried product, scalp itches a bit but not as much as last time, washed hair 1 day later
DAY 7: Tried product, scalp itch relief benefits seem to have faded.

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