Friday, August 17, 2012


I have missed you my darlings! Being without my charger and therefore my camera is really killing my buzz. Not to mention the stress of MCAT prep. But that stress is made worse when I can't even paint my nails because I want to wait until I can take swatches. Argh. I'm dying to try Essie's Penny Talk, OPI Piroutte My Whistle over OPI My Pointe Exactly, Essie Chinchilly, Essie Mochacino, and the two gorgeous top coats I ordered from Darling Diva Polish, Rose and Pendragon.

In the meantime, I'm still testing products, buying products I'd write haul posts about if I could take pictures, and working on other writing projects. Most of my posts (until the charger I bought comes sometime between late August and mid September arrives) will be sale posts, reviews with old saved photos, and maybe some "Things I Am Currently Obsessed with posts".

One of those things I am currently obsessed with? Pinterest. If you'd like to follow me, the link is down below. I'm still my crazy self and now you can see just how much time I spend scouring random websites. Don't judge me! :)

Much love,

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