Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Q&A on the Lush Emotional Brilliance Makeup Collection

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Here's a quick post paraphrasing the conversation I had my local Soho Lush store about the new Emotional Brilliance Makeup Collection. FleurdeForce has already written a great post detailing her opinion of the products and based off of that, I focused my attention on the lip products in particular. I mainly just went in to ask questions on this visit (I can't find the thing I use to charge my camera, so sadly no pictures of the products in store, though I do have some lip swatches at the very end of a pretty fuchsia lip product they let me try.
Q: Can the products be used all over the face or are there specific products for specific areas of the face?
A: The products can be used for different things but certain products are recommended for certain parts of the face. It is written on the label.

Q: What is the finish of the products?
A: The products have different finishes. Matte, shimmer, etc.

Q: How do you apply the product?
A: Each product comes with a built in applicator but you can also ask for a bunch of applicators when you make your purchase or use your own lip brush, eyeliner brush, etc.

Q: Are the lip products moisturizing and can/should they be used with another product?
A: The lip product is reasonably moisturizing but if you want more moisture you can use a lip balm over the product. It should not smear the color around.

Q: Are the products very pigmented? Can you build up color or sheer products out? (specifically lip color)
A: The products are mostly very pigmented but you can sheer out lip color by using a lip balm.

Q: What is the base of the makeup?
A: The makeup base is mostly wax.
Q: Are the products scented? Do they have a taste?
A: The products should not have a taste or scent. If there is any scent it is probably a very light scent from the rose oil wax used as one of the ingredients.

I found the lip product I tested to be very pigmented and a tiny bit drying for a wet product but reasonably on par with other wax-based lipsticks. Full disclosure, it wasn't a great day for testing because my lips weren't in perfect condition. I like to give products a fair shot by only swatching and testing when my lips are moisturized and there is no peeling, chapping, etc. But my initial impressions were that the lip products are highly pigmented, longwearing, and a bit drying. How longwearing? Well, admittedly I chose a very bold color, but a full day later even though I had wiped most of it off, some pigment still clung to the center of my lips.



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