Thursday, July 25, 2013

REVIEW of Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in 190 Coral Crush With SWATCHES

Hello chickadees,
I am once again tasting the bitter sting of failure for being unable to come up with a cute greeting that references Maybelline Coral Crush. Oh well. As far as I know, this is part of the permanent collection though the Maybelline displays always seem to be a little ransacked at the NYC drugstores I go to so I can't guarantee that you'll always find this color at the store.

Color: Maybelline Coral Crush is a bright pink creme polish. Indoors, it can look very orange, especially as the day wears on and there is less natural light coming in through the windows. Sometimes you do get that perfect guava/coral color but for the most part, I think this color is more of a hot pink (much to my disappointment). Don't get me wrong, it's a very pretty color that I find flattering (when it's not orange) but it means I'm still on the search for a perfect coral polish.
Formula: The formula is thin enough to go on smoothly but not watery.
Application: The first coat went on smoothly but not evenly. The second coat was about the same. The third coat was still not completely even or fully opaque and you could see where the brush strokes overlapped. I ended up painting a fourth coat to clean things up but you could get away with three coats. Any bubbles you see in the swatches are from my Seche Vite. I really need to get a new bottle.
Wear: I wore this polish for 5 days without any signs of wear (not that I ever really get signs of wear except with the bad polishes).

CONCLUSION: I can't give this polish an enthusiastic endorsement but I like the color so much that I will tentatively recommend it in spite of the application issues.
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You can see more of the orange in this photo. It's brighter than this in person.

The following photos are less color accurate. They are much lighter than this polish actually is. 

Again, when it does look orange it's much more orange and brighter than this photo.

I wanted to show you how the manicure was damaged on my other hand. The polish had completely dried but I somehow still managed to get a dent. 
Much more orange and brighter in person.

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