Friday, September 20, 2013

Erica Weiner Sample Sale Report September 2013

Hello darlings!

What? Two posts in one day? I know. I know. Try and contain your shock.

After reading Racked NY's report, I was not excited for the Erica Weiner sample sale running from today (Friday September 20) through Sunday (September 22). Friday hours are 4pm-8pm. Saturday hours are 12pm-7pm. Sunday hours are 12pm-5pm. I forgot to ask if they'll be restocking.

The sale is being held at 195 Chrystie St. between Stanton and Rivington in room 809H. It's pretty easy to locate. The 195 is painted in big green numbers over the door. But there's also a little flyer in the window about the sale and when I went, everyone was heading to the eight floor. I was right on time with the first group of about 10 people.

This sale is for a certain kind of shopper. If you're looking for big embellished Dannijo-style pieces, you'll be disappointed. If you want lockets and raw materials, you will be as thrilled as I was. I managed to walk out with a crazy haul for less than $50. I will do a haul post in the future.

Earrings are mostly in the $5 range. There is a bin you can sort through full of discontinued items. I picked up three pairs of earrings, a pair of mesh ginko leaves, a pair of maple leaf studs with little fake diamonds, and a pair of birds in flight. There were also a ton of the fleur de lis earrings I showed you in my last Erica Weiner sample sale haul and some other earrings you can see in the photos.

Necklaces (pendant and chain) were mostly in the $25 and up range. I think I saw one or two pieces for $75 but I wasn't paying much attention as I was more interested in the pendants sans chain. I personally think that the more expensive pieces were the weakest. There are no talons or bird skulls. It's mostly items you could DIY if you had the materials.

As for what I'm terming raw materials, there were small bags of crystals and lots of pendants and charms that you could just string on a chain or a ribbon or use to make more complicated pieces. I grabbed 3 bags of the crystals for $3 each even though I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. I'm sure I'll think of something. People were jealous. I also bought a lot of lockets. There were simple small, unembellished lockets at $1 each, cute little textured box lockets for $2, and heavily embellished larger lockets for $3. To give you some idea of the discount, I bought the exact pendant that was being sold on a chain at the last sale for $25 for $3 at this sale. I know. I know. There was also a big jar of heart (haha, I know it's the title of a Christina Perri song) pendants with a key shaped cutout and the words "He Who Holds the Key Can Unlock My Heart" being sold for 50 cents. I bought a locket at the last sale with this charm as well as a locket for $25. There were little gold mesh bows. I also picked up some random items like a tarnished key for $2, a saint pendant, and a porcupine quill for $1. Altogether it was a pretty productive day. You'll have to decide for yourself if the sale is worth attending but you had better decide quickly because the sale was pretty busy as I was leaving.

UPDATE: I stopped by the retail store while walking my dog. The girl working there said that as far as she knows they will not be restocking.

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