Monday, October 7, 2013

REVIEW of Julie G Nail Color in Holla-Peno With SWATCHES

Hello my little chili peppers,

Guess what I have for you today... That's right! Another green polish review! If you're already tired of all the green polishes I've reviewed in the past because you don't wear green nail polish, I'm sorry, but it's a very flattering color for my skintone and I've bought a ton of green polishes so I have to get around to reviewing them. Perhaps I can tempt you to stick around by telling you that this is not just a green nail polish but the first Julie G polish I am reviewing. I've just never been attracted to any of the colors in the collection until I saw this polish reviewed on The Polishaholic. Also, they only sell this polish at Rite Aid and I have to go way out of the way to

Color: Julie G Holla-Peno is a medium green creme polish. I don't own Essie Mojito Madness but I wonder if it would be a dupe. The exact shade of green is somewhere between a bright spring green and a kelly green. It doesn't have enough yellow to be a spring green and it isn't as dark as a kelly green. It's a somewhat leafy, grassy green. I find it very flattering with the yellow undertones of my skin and demure enough to wear if you're a bit wary of louder green polishes.
Formula: I found this polish to be a little thick.
Application: Get ready for another long explanation. OK, so starting with my left hand (painting with my dominant hand), the first coat was smooth but a little sheer. I found that the polish applied a little streaky and the brush dragged a little on the thumb. When I applied the second coat I experienced more dragging. The polish wasn't very thick at this point but it would not apply evenly. By the third coat the polish was thick and threading slightly (forming threads of polish when the brush was pulled out of the bottle). The polish looked opaque at this point though under close inspection (I used a flashlight for the light test) I could see that the application was still patchy as the polish hadn't applied evenly. After I applied a layer of Seche Vite the polish looked better though it still had that slightly lumpy appearance of unevenly applied polish. Working on my right hand, the polish was thick, streaky, and difficult to even out. The polish wasn't super thick and gloopy like some of the worst polishes I've tried but it would not apply evenly and had a slightly lumpy appearance. The polish applied smoothly, without dragging but it just didn't apply evenly and it was impossible to smooth out with the brush without making matters worse.
Wear: I wore this polish for six days, experiencing the tiniest bit of tip wear but nothing that significant. If you're wondering why the nail on my middle finger looks like that, it's because I tried out a new top coat on that finger and it didn't dry properly.

CONCLUSION: This polish is very cheap. I bought my bottle at Rite Aid for $4. But even so, I can't recommend it based on the poor application. However, I do like the color so if you don't mind the poor application, I might give this polish a try if you are just looking to try out a green polish. However, if you already have a few greens in your collection, you don't need this one.


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