Sunday, October 6, 2013

X Factor UK 2013: Heading Into the Live Shows... Groups

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It's time to break down the Group Category. Someone who is better at predicting the outcome of reality singing competitions might see a clear winner in this category but I am awful at predicting the outcome of reality singing competitions so I've just been going off of who seems the most talented. Foolish of me, I know. Gary Barlow is mentoring the groups this year. Based on the last two seasons he's been a judge, I'm taking that to mean that they have a shot of getting to the finals if they're talented but they'll probably be mismanaged along the way. I don't know if he has the most talented groups but he's definitely playing it safe.

Miss Dynamix: Miss Dynamix? Really? At least try and hide the fact that you're trying to create another Little Mix. Right now their problem is that they're a newly formed group. In spite of the judges constantly talking them up, I don't see them working well as a group yet. I do think they are capable solo singers and they had their moments in the judges' houses performance. Miss Dynamix's success in the competition will largely be based on song choice and how quickly they can begin to work together as a group. If they can bring personality to their backstage segments and fan interactions, they might be able to buy themselves a few weeks to figure things out but right now they aren't sparking as quickly as One Direction or Little Mix did.
Kingsland Road: Kingsland Road is our traditional boy band entry this year. I'm surprised that they're the only ones who made it to judges' houses but I do think it's smart to only have one boy band like this in the live shows so they don't split the vote. So far they have not impressed me. Their early performances were kind of rough and not having all that extra material (aside from the performances) all I conclude at this point is that they don't seem to be as charming as One Direction or as talented as Union J. Though I did like their judges' houses performance. I don't know if it was the more intimate setting, but I didn't feel like they were straining as much to project their voices or hit the notes. They also go awfully high pitched for those harmonies. But they could always win me over once the competition starts. I certainly don't hate them as much as District3.
Rough Copy: I think Rough Copy were really charming when they first auditioned. They definitely have stage presence and good voices but I'm feeling the loss of their third member. It sounds strange because there are all of these solo performers who can command the stage on their own but I think Rough Copy needs another member. Maybe it's the songs they're choosing or the arrangements but there just seems to be a little bit of strain, especially compared to the other two groups who can fall back on their other members.

Eliminated Contestants
Brick City: Brick City are a weird, interesting group. I think they're very talented but I don't know where they would have fit in the competition and I'm sure Gary would have screwed it up if he sent them through to the live shows. On talent alone, they should have 100% sent Brick City through but I don't know if they were right for The X Factor.
Code 4: I do not remember seeing Code 4 before judges' houses and the editors cut the interview portions over their performance so I don't have a great idea of them as a group. I think, emphasis on think, they are talented and I liked the idea of a group who is all for choreographed dance moves because you could take that in a 90's boy band direction or a throwback Motown direction. However, I don't know if either of those options would have worked on the show. It seems like a much safer option to skew young with Miss Dynamix and Kingsland Road.
Xyra: Who the heck are Xyra? I went to look them up on the X Factor youtube channel. It turns out that they were featured before in a video from the arena auditions with about 15 seconds of singing. Thanks, guys. From their judges' houses performance I liked the random Minnie Riperton riff and the growling and I felt like they were genuinely a group. Not having seen much from them it's difficult to argue that they deserved Miss Dynamix's spot in the competition. Which was probably the plan in not showing us much of Xyra.

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