Friday, October 25, 2013

REVIEW of Sinful Colors Polish in Snake It Out With SWATCHES

Hello my little serpents,

I deleted the original post from the first time I tried this polish but I remember that things were not great. However, a few months later, my opinion of Sinful Colors Snake It Out has improved. Let's just jump right into the review, shall we?

Color: Sinful Colors Snake It Out is a shimmery gold magnetic polish. The polish is a cool-toned lighter gold that almost has a touch of green and bronze to it. When I first saw the collection a few months ago at Rite Aid, this is the color that stood out to me as being the most snake-like. Even though this is a magnetic polish, I think you could easily wear this without the magnetic design. However, I do like the depth that the design creates, though it's less of a snakeskin pattern and more of a basic criss cross pattern. The color recedes from the lines so they appear to be almost white and the color gradually fades back in to the center of each square where the color is more concentrated. Depending on the lighting, sometimes this polish looks like a lighter gold, sometimes it looks more bronze-y, and sometimes it has a bit of a green tinge. It's not a duochrome but it looks different under different lighting conditions.
Formula: When I first tried this polish I found it very thick but this time the formula seemed normal. It wasn't noticeably thick or thin. When I first tried this polish it was around about the same time last year so it's not like the heat of the room I was working in should have affected the consistency of the polish. It's a mystery. I should note that this polish smelled rather awful. I know polishes usually don't smell great (unless they're scented) and I don't recommend smelling polishes anyway as even if they're "3 Free" or "5 Free" they're still probably full of chemicals you shouldn't be inhaling. Still, the scent was bad enough for me to notice it but thankfully it was not a strong scent at a distance and the smell faded quickly once the polish was dry.
Application: Application was pretty good. It was definitely an improvement from the last time I tried this polish, which was a complete mess. The polish was smooth and easy to work with. The shimmer made the brushstrokes more noticeable but I didn't have any issues with dragging or being unable to even out the polish. I used three coats to get this polish to full opacity. Now, for the magnet. As with all of the other magnetic polishes, the way this works is that you are supposed to apply your bottom layer(s) of polish and then apply one thick coat of polish and very quickly hold the magnet that comes with the polish over the nail for the recommended amount of time so a pattern appears in the wet polish. I found it a bit tricky to avoid touching the magnet to the nail while still holding it close enough to have an effect on the polish. I messed up the nail on my pointer finger a bit by touching the magnet to the nail. Aside from that, this time I didn't have an issue getting the pattern to appear. It wasn't very dramatic but it was definitely there. Though for whatever reason, it seemed to work better on my left hand (which I photographed) than on my right hand. I think this design might work better on longer nails as the pattern is on the larger side and you will get more of an effect if your nails are longer. I tried this look out on a nail wheel before I used it on my nails and I think the increased surface area helps you get a better impression of the design.
Wear: This is very important. Top coat blurs the design. You will still be able to tell that this isn't an ordinary polish but the criss cross pattern will no longer be distinct. I avoided using top coat on one finger to see how it would hold up. While the polish did look more worn and while I did experience tip wear, I think you could get away with wearing this polish without top coat for a few days. It's worth it if you want to really see the design.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend this polish but I'm not recommending it enthusiastically. I think it's fine as a regular polish, though at five or six dollars, it's a bit more expensive than a regular Sinful Colors polish and I'm not sure the color is worth it. As a magnetic polish, it's OK. If you really want to see the design you should probably wear it without top coat and if you have more issues with chipping than I do, you might want to skip this polish. I'm not unhappy to have it in my collection but I don't think you need this polish.


This is how the polish looked without top coat. I wish I had more shots like this but I didn't realize that the top coat was blurring the design so much until it was too late.

This photo shows you the difference between a nail with top coat (left) and a nail without top coat (right).

Finally I wanted to throw in the swatches I have left over from my first experiment with this polish. If you're wondering why I've painted two of my nails red, it's because this polish made such a mess of those two nails they weren't fit to be photographed.

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