Saturday, October 12, 2013

X Factor UK 2013: Heading Into the Live Shows... Boys

Hello my dears,

Now, I'm not calling the Boys the weakest category this year just because they have Louis Walsh as their mentor. I'm not. Really. Part of the reason I think they're the weakest group is my personal bias as far as my taste in music goes. I mainly listen to female vocalists and when I do listen to male singers they're usually Broadway performers, Nat King Cole, 50's-60's crooners, country singers, or the frontmen of bands... and none of those labels describe the guys in this category. For me, so far none of them have really shown the skills for me to take them seriously as singers I would listen to outside of this competition.

Nicholas McDonald: Of the guys, Nicholas is my favorite. He has a very pleasant voice and a lovely warm tone. Aside from his judges' houses performances, I have enjoyed all of his performances, largely because he sounds like someone who has had some training. Basically, he sounds like a choir boy. I don't know if he has star quality but with training and the right look and the right genre, he could melt a sufficient number of teenage hearts to make it far in the competition. His Bootcamp performance made me question how big of a range he really has and whether his vocals are powerful enoughful to tackle big songs. It could be a problem later on in the competition when he is given uptempo numbers or has to stand out next to the power singers in the Girls and Over-25's categories. I can see him getting lost in the mix or struggling to define himself.
Luke Friend: I find his vocals to be breathy, shaky, and strained. I think he has poor breath control and you can hear the way the notes quaver because they aren't well supported.
Sam Callahan: I think he has a very weak voice and right now his main selling point is that his looks might make him popular with a younger female demographic.

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