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Eva Franco Sample Sale May 2014

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Are you planning on catching Manhattanhenge tonight? I usually don't start off my sample sale reviews this way, but then Manhattanhenge doesn't happen every day. I think I'll try and catch it tomorrow as I don't live near a prime viewing location and I have to walk my dog. I did manage to stop by another special event, the three day Eva Franco sample sale taking place at 420 W. 14th St between Ninth and Tenth Avenues. Just to get it out of the way immediately, Friday hours are 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm and Saturday hours are 11:00 am - 6:00 pm. You've already missed Thurday's sale hours, I'm afraid. I'm posting this review on the later side as I probably arrived at the sale past 6:00 pm. I took the wrong train (I plead sleep deprivation) and ended up in Brooklyn. You know, I don't want to talk about it.
cardboard boxes
cardboard boxes

So what can you expect from this sale? Well, once you're buzzed in (#1), it's just one flight of stairs up to the sale. It'll be one of the first doors you see. Once you are inside, you will be confronted by cardboard boxes. If you are not a sample size or you don't have much time, do not spend time on the cardboard boxes. There are some very pretty items in the bins but they are not sized and eyeballing it I'd say sizes 2 and 4 dominate.
pale gold dress size 2

As for the racks, the smallest sizes start at the windows on the far side of the room. This sale carries everything from 0's to 12's but sizing is limited for some sizes. I would say that 2's, 6's, and 10's will have the best luck. There are a good number of 4's and 8's for a sale this size but 0's and 12's might have a hard time finding something. Of course, none of this truly matters as Eva Franco sizing runs small. This is certainly not vanity sizing but I'm not sure if it's sized to normal mannequin proportions either. So, what I'm saying is be open to going up maybe 2 sizes. This is not just me of the large bosom saying this. There were size 2's having issues.
sizes 4-10
sizes 4-10 (same rack)

sizes 10-12 with some smaller sizes mixed in

As for merchandise, there is plenty to choose from but not a lot of duplicates. You have lighter, floaty fabrics that are probably synthetic but look like chiffon, as well as structured cotton dresses, and heavy, embroidered pieces. I mainly saw cinched waist A-line dresses with high necklines and V-necks but there is some variety there. There were some maxi dresses as well. There's not as much in the way of separates either on the racks or in the bins. There was one rack of tops and one rack of bottoms. Smaller sizes will have the best luck with separates. I didn't see anything above a 6 in the separates.
Now, of course, we come to pricing. Eva Franco dresses on the racks are priced at $89 across the board. Coconino dresses on the racks are $75. Tops hung on the racks are $55 while bottoms (mainly skirts) are $50. As for the merchandise in the boxes, dresses are $50 and everything else is $30. I did ask if there would be a difference in price for Coconino dresses in the boxes but the saleswoman was not sure at the time so I'd prepare to pay $50. I also couldn't confirmation on markdowns but she said not to count on them, which is what you might expect for a three day sale.

size 2 
size 2 
This dress is gorgeous in person. I saw two while I was there (someone was trying on one of them) so definitely grab this immediately if you're a 2 (or smaller) as it came from the boxes so it's only $50.
I think this was a size 2 or a size 4. It felt like faux-leather.
The picture doesn't do this one justice. I think it might be a size 8 or 10.

I also found this skirt in the boxes. The photo doesn't do it justice.

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