Thursday, May 1, 2014

REVIEW of Wet n Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color in 205B Sugar Coat

Hello my little dragées,

Dragée would be the alternate French name for Sugar Coat listed on the bottle. That reminds me, I'm so behind on the Pod F. Tompkast. I was having iTunes issues and now I've forgotten which episode I listened to last. Anyway, none of that is important at the moment. I read a good review of Sugar Coat a while back and almost picked it up once at the drugstore but I ended up finally purchasing it from when I recently placed an order. Damn the $35 requirement for free shipping. Why am I telling you all of this? Skipping ahead in this endless story, I felt like I needed a palate cleanser, especially after a frustrating run of difficult to photograph polishes, so I pulled out Sugar Coat. I don't review that many nude polishes anymore as I don't really like them and mainly wore them when I had exams.

Color: Sugar Coat is a pale nude creme polish. It's not exactly a pale pink. I'd describe it more as a very pale peach, like a foundation shade. It's somewhat similar to OPI Samoan Sand but a bit more pink-toned. I wouldn't say it was as pink as Sephora by OPI A True Romantic. I would guess that it's somewhere in between the yellowish nude of Samoan Sand and the peachy pink of A True Romantic.
Formula: The formula of this polish is a little thick but sheer.
Application: I immediately realized what the problem with this polish would be when I applied the first coat. The polish went on smoothly without any drag for two brushstrokes but when I went to add a third brushstroke in the center and even out the polish with the brush, the trouble started. This is a case where the polish and brush work in tandem to thwart all attempts at getting even layers of polish applied to the nail. The brush creates streaks and the polish has sheer, milky quality that is easily displaced should you be so foolish as to try and work with this polish and even it out with your brush. Application of the second coat proceeded similarly. The formula is not super thick but the polish has to be evened out to get even application which you can't do because the brush will ruin the decently smooth layer of polish you just painted. You can sort of manage to even out the polish by loading more polish onto the brush and gliding it on very gently to get more of a smooth surface but the polish is still not really even. Honestly, I would suggest working with this polish as little as possible. I ended up applying four coats of polish. At three coats the polish is basically opaque. The only issue is patchiness and the uneven application. I added a fourth coat just to see if I could get the polish to full opacity.

When I was painting with my nondominant hand, the first coat went on smoothly. I didn't go over it with the brush to even it out as I had already learned my lesson when painting with my dominant hand. The second coat went on relatively smoothly though I experienced a bit of drag when I tried to even out the polish or add a third brushstroke in the center. At three coats, the polish still appeared unevenly applied and was not fully opaque so I added a fourth coat. At four coats, I would still call the opacity passable at best.

Wear: I wore this polish for four to five days. I barely experienced any tip wear. Really, the polish just wore away right at the edge where I wrap the tips of my nails.

CONCLUSION: Almost without fail I find nude polishes to be very aggravating to apply. I suppose if you're absolutely determined not to pay more than a few dollars for a bottle of nude polish, there are more expensive nude polishes that apply just as poorly. But there are also nude polishes that aren't as much of a headache. Personally, I think the color is a bit too light for me and not that flattering for my skintone and I would look for a polish with better application. Maybe try OPI Samoan Sand, which is my go-to nude polish.
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