Friday, May 30, 2014

REVIEW of Zoya Sunshine With SWATCHES

Hello sunflowers,
I think I've got a good one for you today. Zoya Sunshine is yet another polish I purchased from the Zoya Pixiedust line. Hooray for alliteration. I picked this up months ago and while it might be unusual to be testing out a dark blue polish in the middle of summer, it's what I gravitated towards after a run of bad luck with orange polishes.

Color: Zoya Sunshine is a deep blue textured polish. Like the other Pixiedust polishes, the textured finish isn't too pronounced. It doesn't feel that textured and isn't too abrasive to the touch and it doesn't look as textured and craggy. I'm using my OPI Liquid Sand polishes as a point of reference. However, I would say that Sunshine is more textured that some of the other Pixiedust polishes I've tried. I think the difference might be the color or maybe a change in the formula as new additions to the line have been released. For instance, Zoya London and Zoya Vespa are certainly not as textured as Sunshine. I would shade of Zoya Sunshine as a dark wash denim blue. It's what I instantly thought of when I first applied this polish. There are flecks of silver glitter which are apparent in its matte state without top coat and in its shiny state with top coat.
Formula: This polish has a thicker formula.
Application: I used two coats of Elmer's glue as my base coat, as is my wont for glitter and textured polishes. The first coat of polish offered surprisingly good coverage. The polish went on smoothly and was quite sparkly. By the second coat, the polish had already reached full opacity. I did have to even out the second coat a bit but it went on smoothly without any drag.
Wear: Now, I think this speaks more to the effectiveness of the glue as base coat technique than the polish itself. While wearing this polish without top coat, I chipped a bit of polish off my right pointer finger nail and my left thumbnail on the second day of my manicure. The next day, I chipped some polish off my right thumbnail. These chips were very easy to repair given the texture of the polish and the high opacity. When it was time to take the high shine photos, it took two coats of Seche Vite to bring Zoya Sunshine to a shine finish. With one coat of top coat, this polish still retains a bit of texture. However, if you really want a smooth surface, you might even need three coats. In the shine photos below, I used 3 coats of Seche Vite on the first two nails and 2 coats of Seche Vite on the last two nails. I don't know if you can really see the difference in the photos. You could get away with 2 coats. Three just look that much more like a regular, nontextured polish.

CONCLUSION: I would absolutely recommend this polish. The formula is easy to work with and the polish is opaque in two coats. If you like darker polishes, you will probably like Zoya Sunshine. I think the chipping I experienced was probably due to the glue I used as my base coat (to easily peel the polish off for removal) instead of a flaw of the polish itself.

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Matte Textured (no top coat)
Shine Smooth (with top coat)
I threw in these last two photos so you could get a better idea of how the textured and shine finishes look next to each other. I left the thumb nail matte and added top coat to the rest of my nails.

This is all the chipping and damage I experienced while wearing this polish.
Even with the damage, I think the glue as base coat method is worth it for the easy removal. You can see in this photo how cleanly the polish peels off. Remember, those spots with polish on my thumb and index finger were the spots where I had to patch up the manicure after it chipped.

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