Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fleur du Mal Sample Sale Report May 2014

Hi chickadees,

You know the only thing I like more than a sale is a sale I don't have to go out of my way to visit, which is why I skipped the Oscar de la Renta and The Limited sales to attend the Fleur du Mal sale at 138 Baxter Street. I'm actually early with this report as the sale only opened at 4:00 pm. It will close at 7:00 pm tonight and reopen tomorrow Wednesday May 13 at 8:00 am and close at 6:00 pm. That's right. It's only a two day sale so if you're interested, run over as soon as possible.

Pro tip before you head out the door, do not wear your heels to this sale. You will be climbing six flights of stairs. I cannot remember the last sale I attended that was this many flights up without an elevator. There are print-outs along the way cheering you on and promising that the workout will be worth it. So was it?

Well, not for me. But then at my current dress size I'm a little more endowed so I wouldn't skip this sale based on my experience. Let me give you a bit more information before you write this one off.

There is a coat and bag check, which was an irritating discovery after climbing six flights of stairs. Both cash and credit are accepted and there is a walled off dressing room. The price list is as follows...

There are eight racks of clothing and bras, one long table of underthings, and some bins off to the side with extra merchandise in specific sizes. The clothing is on the expensive side, especially for the kind of lightweight, wispy pieces that dominated at this sale. I didn't really feel like the craftsmanship or the quality of the label justified those kinds of prices for a sample sale so I'd really recommend checking this sale out only if you're looking for lingerie. The bras came in a variety of styles and colors. I think all the bras I saw had underwire but there were full cup bras, demi bras, lace embellishments, mesh embellishents, polka dots, and leather. The bras came in a reasonable range of sizes. Fleur du Mal does not carry size A so if you're smaller than a B, you're out of luck. They also really only had a few size D bra's so this is going to be a sale for everyone who falls in the B to C range. You might get lucky with one of the 36 D's but personally, I found them all unflattering since the cut was exactly the same as the B and C bras without any adjustment made to accommodate or flatter a larger cup size. However, women in the B and C range have a good range of styles and colors to choose from at this sale so if you have the time and you're looking for a spring update to your lingerie drawer, maybe give this sale a chance. I can't promise you'll find something you like but if nothing else you'll get a workout climbing those six flights of stairs.


extra merchandise bins
Note the 34D and 36D bins

romper dress

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