Thursday, May 15, 2014

REVIEW of Clinique All About Shadow Quad in Pink Chocolate

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I haven't really reviewed makeup products in a while. It's usually nail polish and occasional lippies. I guess it's more difficult for me to review makeup because I don't wear that much makeup on my face and when I do I tend to stick to the same products for the most part. I picked up this Clinique eyeshadow quad from Sephora in the hopes that it would be one of those products that I could integrate into my regular makeup routine. Spoiler, it did not end up being one of those products. Let's break it down.

The Clinique eyeshadow quads are available from Clinique and Sephora for $28 each. Both the Clinique and Sephora websites have occasional sales and promotions so I would definitely wait for one of those offers before purchasing this quad, if you are interested in the product. To dispel the suspense, the main reason I returned this eyeshadow quad was because the colors just didn't work for me. I had some minor issues with the formula but had the colors been more flattering for my skintone, I might have kept the palette. Given the way the colors appeared on me, I would really only recommend this palette for women with fair complexions. I don't think these shadows would show up well on women with darker complexions since they barely registered on me and I have quite a fair complexion myself.

When I initially tried out this palette in March, I used my Urban Decay primer potion as a base and applied the shadows with my Coastal Scents eyeshadow brush, using my old Elf blender brush to blend the shadows together. I recently picked up a more expensive M.A.C. blending brush but I've never really had an issue with using cheaper Sigma or Elf brushes for my eye looks. I immediately noticed that the brush kicked up a lot of powder when I brushed it against the eyeshadow. I don't exert a lot of pressure so this was odd as this doesn't really happen for me with low-end shadows from Wet n' Wild or high-end shadows from M.A.C. or Urban Decay.
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Shade 1
I found this shade to be too light for me to use as a base color all over the lid. For my skintone, I would have to use this as a highlighter in the inner corner or on the brow bone. I don't think it's bright enough for me to use in the inner corner and I find it looks odd as a brow bone highlight on me. I didn't think this shade blended very well. I found it to be a little chalky which isn't unusual for a lighter matte shade but I would expect better from a mid-range brand like Clinique and from a slightly expensive palette like this one. I've definitely used silkier matte shadows from Wet n' Wild. After a lack of success with different brushes, I tried applying this shade with the sponge tip applicator provided in the quad. I had much more success with the sponge tip applicator. The eyeshadow went on more smoothly and I was able to transfer the shadow more effectively so it appeared more pigmented. However, I still found the shade too light for me. It makes for a subtle highlighter, a little shimmery but not shimmery enough to really pop.

Shade 2
This light brown shade blended beautifully. However, I found it to be rather unflattering. I think it has a bit too much of a red and yellow undertone and around my eyes it ends up making me look tired. Since I had more luck using the sponge tip applicator than a brush with Shade 1, I decided to try applying Shade 2 with the sponge tip applicator. I actually found that the shadow didn't go on smoothly when I tried applying it with the sponge tip applicator. I think a brush works better for this shade. However, it's just a very unflattering shade for me. It looks too much like my dark circles or like some kind of discoloration with my skintone.

Shade 3
I have been wanting a good shimmery pink shadow that is flattering for my eye color and skin tone for a while now. Sadly, this shade, which is what drew me to the palette in the first place, was not what I was looking for. I didn't think this shade blended that well either.

Shade 4
This dark brown shade also blended well and was easy to work with. I tried to use this shade as was recommended as a liner. I wet my liner brush and tried my best but even wet, it applied very lightly even after I had tried to build it up. I would just use this as an eyeshadow, maybe to deepen the crease, because I had no success using this as a liner. This was probably my favorite of all the shades but I still found it to be a little more red-toned that I would have liked.

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