Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cherry Culture Haul

Hello sugarplums!

I thought I'd just quickly share a little Cherry Culture haul I did during their 40% off sale. If any of you shopped the sale, you'll know that it was quite a while back but for some reason even though I placed my order on September 13, I didn't hear from them until I wrote in on the 29th. So my order only just arrived October 3rd. But let's put that ridiculousness aside to talk about what I actually purchased.

Now, with my obsessive nature I hem and haw about things for so long that some of the items I want are often sold out by the time I'm ready to place an order. So a large part of this haul ended up being NYX blushes. I didn't intend to pick up so many blushes but after the items I wanted sold out I thought, why not just try a bunch of NYX blushes to familiarize myself with the brand a little? I do own some NYX items that I've purchased and received in ipsy glam bags but it's not a brand I really keep up with. For me, NYX is for when I really want something from another brand and try and come up a reasonable dupe. For example, I have NYX Root Beer because I don't feel like paying for a brown blending shadow from MAC.
I was originally going to get more cream blushes but the swatches online are confusing as all heck. So I thought I'd be safe and just try out one of them. I can always pick up more later, if not on Cherry Culture then at Ricky's. I know Harmon's also carries NYX but I don't know if they carry the blushes. I was hoping to find a dupe for one of the Stila cream blushes because my mom loves them. I like them but I don't use cream blushes I can't apply with my fingers that often because I don't like running through makeup sponges.

I'm not sure if any of these powder blushes look like I expected them to but perhaps they look different on the skin.

It wouldn't be one of my hauls if there weren't polishes. This is Goldie But Goodie. I know I have so many golds but I've wanted this for a while.
I have a bunch of greens. And Running in Circles is not really my style as a green polish. But it got so many rave reviews that I felt like I had to try it.
Now OMG A UFO is my style. A holographic pretty/ugly olive green? Yeeessss.
I've been burned with mint polishes in the past but I wanted to give this a shot and it'll be my first NYX polish. I always like to try out a new brand and form an opinion. Oh, and I have Color Club Silver Lake on my nails in this photo, not NYX Pastel Mint.
I've already swatched Jordana Foiled in Pink on a nail wheel and sadly it does not seem to be anything like a foil. It seems to be a pretty standard shimmer. Boo. But I have some pink glitters I need to swatch over something so I'm not totally brokenhearted.

I am always looking for great teal, turquoise, blue, or green eyeliners. Again, it's a nice chance to try out a new product from a brand. It might take me a while to get around to this because I have so many liners to test but I hope it works out because I think the color's really pretty. The color is just called Turquoise Blue.

I don't know how much product you're supposed to get in retractable liners but I feel like this isn't much. Which is part of the reason I'm more of a gel liner girl. But if it doesn't smudge, I'll learn to deal with the price and wait for sales.
I think I'm slowly coming to the realization that dark colors just overwhelm my eyes. So I'm hoping I can find a way to use this NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle Green as a liner and not as an all over the lid shade.
Free lip balm!
And finally, I decided to try out another mascara because I never learn. We'll see how this works. I think it might be trying to be a dupe for Lancome or another higher end brand. I have yet to find a holy grail mascara but I'd prefer to find a cheaper one so I have my fingers crossed.

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