Thursday, October 16, 2014

Harmon Face Values Haul

Hi peanuts,

I'll admit. This is kind of a boring, practical haul. I tend to go to Harmon's to stock up on essentials and only occasionally get crazy items at a discount. This haul is a little of both. I'll be doing a Drugstore Product Stalking post for Harmon's soon so you can judge me for not picking up more interesting things.
Three bottles of nail polish remover? Did I go a little overboard? Maybe...? #SorryNotSorry #SorryForTheHashtags Harmon's makes my favorite nail polish remover. I use Zoya for the heavy duty removal like glitters or foils but I don't care what they say, I think the Zoya brand remover dries out my nails. For me, Harmon's makes a gentle polish remover that works great for cremes. I have been out of the stuff for weeks and it sent me into panic mode. Thus, three bottles.
I basically can't go into Harmon's and not buy Seche Vite everytime I remember that it's only between $6-$7 and not $10-$12 like it is in the city. 
I'm a die hard Seche Vite fan but it does thicken up annoyingly when you're halfway through the bottle and sometimes it's full of bubbles. So after a lot of recommendations, I've decided to give Poshe a chance. Despite what everyone has told me, I've hated the Sally Hansen top coats I've tried but maybe this Poshe top coat will be different. We shall see.

And now for the fun purchase. Look at it. It's so shiny I'm going to die. I don't know if gold leaf nails are over. I don't really care. I have a flakie from Essie and Zoya Maria Luisa but none of them are dupes for this bottle of gorgeousness. I saw L'Oreal 24-carat and had to have it.

And back to the boring. I'm a gel liner girl but I've picked up a lot of pencil liners lately and they need to be sharpened. Of course I've misplaced my tarte sharpener somewhere so I decided to just pick up another sharpener in the meantime while I look for it.

I think this is supposed to be their take on a konjac sponge. I had a konjac sponge that I got at The Face Shop for around $5 but it got destroyed with hair dye. I do not want to talk about it. I don't know how well this will work but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Yes, feet are gross. More specifically my feet are gross after a summer in sandals and sneakers. This is probably the cheapest option I could have gone with but I think I'll start off at the cheaper end of the spectrum as I try to find a solution for the roughness.

Hey, I told you this would be a practical haul. I have had very little luck with these cute little beauty fixes. The sticky straps that are supposed to fix wardrobe mishaps were a complete bust. I'm still trying out the sticky earring backs and they seem to be doing an OK if not miraculous job relieving the weight of heavy earrings. I've got a bunch of bras that are the right cup size but not the right band size so hopefully this will work out for me. I will report back. Eventually. You know. Why am I telling you?

I think I got some lashes from an ipsy bag but I know nothing about the brand. Let's just say there were testers... I've got plenty of dark lip products I still need to review but I couldn't resist what is probably supposed to be a dupe for the OCC lip tars.

Yup, I bought safety pins. They're useful. I told you this would be super boring.

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