Saturday, October 4, 2014

SWATCHES of CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Azure Wish

Hello bunnies!
I'm sorry I've been neglecting you for so long. I've been caught up with work and writing and various means of procrastination. Also, just to keep you updated I've been to the doctor and as far as I know, everything's fine. Even without medication or treatment my foot seems to be healing nicely. I may not be that strong to begin with but I'm pretty resilient. Anyway, I thought I'd take advantage of this lull in the craziness to show off some swatches of CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Azure Wish. The reason this isn't a proper review is that I didn't do this manicure myself. I had it done for me when I popped into Cosabella for the Lucky Shop Out NYC event.

Now, even though I didn't apply this polish myself I'm still able to remark that it went on rather streaky and patchy and was not even at three coats. The big selling point of this polish seems to be that it'll last a full week to which I say "pfft." I used to wear polishes for weeks at a time, maybe even a whole month, back in high school with the only issue being growth at the cuticles. Now, I wore this polish for five days and in that time wear wasn't really an issue but then again it started off looking patchy so I'm not sure why I should care that it didn't chip in the five days I had it on. The color is a pretty light blue somewhere between sky blue and robin's egg blue. There is a slight shimmer but it's really not that noticeable. I'd say it's cousins with polishes like Essie Sweet Talker and Sinful Colors Cinderella though the shimmer is closer to Sweet Talker than Cinderella.

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