Thursday, October 16, 2014

Drugstore Product Stalking: Harmon Face Values 2131 Central Park Avenue

Hello ladybugs,

I thought I'd just ride this wave of productivity and write up this Drugstore Product Stalking post while I'm on a roll. There's not a ton of stuff to share so this post shouldn't be too long.
Let's start with Frozen merchandise because Harmon's certainly did. These were the first two displays I saw when I walked in the store. I really wanted to get one of these tissue boxes but the Elsa boxes which I think have the better designs put the fold in the box over the Elsa panel. Have some respect, tissue box designers. I'm still tempted to get one so I can use it for decor once the tissues are gone.
Water bottles, post it notes, decor... So much Frozen!
These Tervis cups are cute but soooo expensive. 
I don't know when Real Techniques landed at Harmon's but I'm hoping for a sale or some coupons in the future. Not all the brushes are in the right displays so be a little wary of the prices in these photos.

I think this L'Oreal polish display was the only new polish collection on display. But then I'm off my game as far as new polish collections are concerned. I used to follow all the blogs but I'm getting a little more lax on that front. I picked up a bottle of 24-carat, the gold top coat for $5.49.


I don't know if the Halloween collections are lackluster or they've just been ransacked. I'm not a big Halloween person but I think Walgreen's and Ricky's usually put in more effort than this.
The one thing I appreciated was that these lip paints all had testers. We need more testers in U.S. drugstores.

Doesn't that apple remind you of Snow White? No? Just me. OK.
There was another false lash display but the photo I took seems to have disappeared.
And finally, lots of elf cosmetics.

Oh, and some Color Club polishes priced at $4.79.

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