Sunday, October 19, 2014

REVIEW of Essie Blue Rhapsody With SWATCHES

Hello my morning glories,

Get it? Cause they're blue? Anyway, Essie Blue Rhapsody is yet another one of the polishes I picked up in my San Gennaro polish haul. I was hoping it would be somewhat of a dupe for Confetti Rhapsody in Blue which is one of my favorite polishes but now that I've tried it, I don't think that it is. I can still do a comparison if you'd like me to. Just leave a message in the comments.

Color: Essie Blue Rhapsody is a metallic blue chrome polish. For me, it's not smooth enough to be a proper chrome but that's what they're going for. It's too metallic to count as another finish. There's not a lot to say to describe the color of Blue Rhapsody. It's a metallic blue, somewhat muted. It's not pale enough to be close to the pastel end of the spectrum but it's not dark enough to be a medium blue. If you want a cool-toned blue that's not cold enough to be really icy, Blue Rhapsody is your color.
Formula: I think this is a little on the thicker side but not too much so.
Application: The first coat of polish went on smoothly. This was my issue. So you know you use three brushstrokes to cover the nail? Well, with that third brushstroke in the center, I could not get an even coat. Either the third brushstroke was hard to even out or the edges of the first two brushstrokes wouldn't smooth out. I was into the way it looked like I had painted liquid metal on my nails. The second coat also went on smoothly without any drag and it was easier to even the polish out. Still, the results were not fabulous. The polish isn't thick enough to make the overlapping brushstrokes a problem but it could look nicer and there was a bit of bubbling/grit on some of the nails. It was more on the nails of my right hand which is why you don't see it as much in the photos. With a chrome I don't want bubbles or to see the seams/overlapping brushstrokes so this was a letdown. On short nails, I think two coats of polish was sufficient for opacity.
Wear: I wore this polish for 5 days. I experienced considerable tip wear with a little bit of chipping at the tips of two nails. Now, as previously mentioned on this blog, my version of chipping is not that big of a deal. But considering that I barely even get tip wear with most polishes, I think it's notable. I'm not sure if this was because I only used two coats of polish or because this polish just chips more easily than most of the other polishes I've tried. Even though I removed the polish after 5 days, the chipping occurred a day or two before that.

CONCLUSION: I can't enthusiastically recommend this polish but if you love the color and can deal with the issues it might be worth looking into. It's opaque in two coat on short nails but application is a little iffy and it doesn't seem to wear well. However, it's an interesting enough color that you might not find a dupe that easily. Personally, I think I'd rather have another bottle of Confetti Rhapsody in Blue but I'm sure I'll find uses for this.
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