Thursday, October 16, 2014

REVIEW of Pure Ice Nail Polish in First Love With SWATCHES

Hello love bugs,

Full disclosure, I'm in a weird mood today. Anyway, let's put that aside to talk about another one of the polishes I purchased in my San Gennaro polish haul, Pure Ice Nail Polish in First Love. I've never come across Pure Ice polishes before as they are Walmart exclusive and there are no Walmart's near me.
Color: First Love is a white shimmer polish. It's a soft sheer color like a cream satin with a slight pink undertone. It can also throw off a little green but I think that's just when I get it around technology and it's reflecting off some of those colors because this is definitely not a duochrome. If you'd like I can do a comparison with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and Confetti I <3 U as those are the closest colors I have in my collection. I don't hate First Love but it's not really a stunner for me. I just wanted to take it easy after cutting my nails super short and wanting to get my manicure over with very quickly late at night. It's at those times that I really reach for the nude polishes or the inky dark polishes because application is usually a breeze.
Formula: The polish is sheer but it's not super thin. The consistency and viscosity are about the same as a standard creme polish that doesn't have a notably thin or thick formula.
Application: As expected, the first coat went on super smoothly. The second coat also went on smoothly. You have to pay a little bit of attention and make sure you're aligning your brushstrokes so all the lines are pointed in the same direction as this does show brushstrokes a little but I had no issues with getting nice even layers. I also liked the brush. It was firm but flexible with the bristles spreading nicely to get flush with the skin. At three coats, the polish was not opaque but I think this is one of those polishes where you're not going to get full opacity. The manicure was very even though.

CONCLUSION: I think this polish is prettier in the bottle than it is on the nail. It still has that pearlescent, satiny quality on the nail but you lose a lot of the depth because it is on the sheerer side. If you just cannot deal with visible nail line, this is not the polish for you. I may try layering it in the future even though that's something I generally don't do. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see this layered over black polish or some color. This isn't that special of a polish but if you like the look of these kinds of sheer opalescent polishes, application was excellent, so I would recommend checking this out. I was impressed at how smooth it looked and I think that stopped the polish from looking as cheap as it actually was. If you're going to go for a sheer, pearlescent polish totally go for the one that's only a dollar or two and has a really easy application with great results.

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