Saturday, October 11, 2014

REVIEW of Color Club Nail Lacquer in 1000 Silver Lake With SWATCHES

Hi guys,
Real talk for a second? What's going on? My polish reviews have been doing really poorly lately and I have no idea why. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback in the comments. Is it the brands I'm picking? The colors? It's much more difficult for me to test products and write reviews for makeup, hair care, and possibly books and movies in the future so I'm going to need a little help figuring out what you want from the polish reviews that dominate on this blog. I always love to read your comments but I am in particular need of some insight right now. Right, back on track. Color Club Silver Lake is another one of the polishes I picked up in my recent San Gennaro polish haul.

Color: Color Club Silver Lake is a pale gray creme polish. When I say pale gray, I mean pale gray. It's almost off white. If you ask in the comments I'll do another gray polish comparison but I'm fairly certain this is the lightest gray creme that I own. There's no real mystery to this one. It's gray. It always looks gray. Sunlight, fluorescent lighting, etc. it's still gray. I think it's a nice alternative to a stark white polish and a good option if you're drawn to white polishes but you want a softer look.
Formula: The formula doesn't seem too thick but it was threading and I had some application issues.
Application: When I went to apply the first coat of Silver Lake, the polish was threading as I pulled the brush from the bottle. The threads were short and didn't hold together that long. The first coat of polish went on fairly smoothly, without any drag, but a bit streaky with the the brush creating ridges in the polish. However, I was impressed with the opacity in the first coat. The polish wasn't completely opaque but the opacity was higher in the first coat than it usually is with the first coat of a polish. Because the formula didn't seem thick to me, I wasn't sure what was affecting the application but with the second coat I was also struggling with the formula. There was no drag but it was hard to even out the polish. The final results turned out OK but the polish clearly applied unevenly. Also, full disclosure, I had to redo two of my nails. I redid my ring finger and thumb. I only needed two coats of polish for full opacity with my short nails and the Seche Vite I applied as my top coat did help to even things out a little. As for painting with my nondominant hand, things were a little more difficult. The ridges were deeper because I have less control with that hand and the final results looked a little messier.
Wear: I wore this polish for four days. In that time I experienced a little bit of tip wear but no chipping. For some reason the polish on my right hand got very dirty like lint was embedded in it. But the dirt didn't attach itself to the nail while it was wet but in the second or third day I was wearing this polish. There were also small dents that looked like popped bubbles. There was no damage like this on the nails of my left hand. I removed the polish because I was getting a bit bored of the color and the damage was preying on my obsessive nature.

CONCLUSION: All in all, this isn't a polish I'd enthusiastically recommend. I like the idea of a light gray polish but the formula is tricky and definitely not for beginner's. You might be able to get away with it if you brought it to a salon but even then, I think it'll be difficult to get a nice, even manicure with this polish. Only get this polish if you're absolutely in love with the color.

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1 coat of Silver Lake

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