Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Leota Sample Sale Report December 2014

Hello darlings,

I actually started off my morning at the Leota Sample Sale at 209 W 38th St, suite 702. The sale hours are 8:00 am through 7:00 pm from December 10 through December 12. I would not expect markdowns as all dresses are already $20. They will be restocking but they'll mainly be replenishing the same styles that are already out. There is no coat or bag check and no separate dressing area so dress accordingly. Overall, I'd say the fashions were more on the casual side. Some things could be worn to an office or an office party but a wedding would be stretching it a little. Supposedly both spring and fall collections are out but I think most of the stock is spring and summer appropriate. The sale was pretty busy and full of brand loyalists.
Since everything is priced at $20, the sale is divided by size. To your left you'll find mediums and larges and maternity styles. To your right you will find extra-small and smalls. Let's start with XS and S and I'll tell you when we hit the M and L sections.
I think there were some more interesting prints in the XS and S section compared to the M and L section.

However, there was also a lot of black and black and white.

OK, this is the beginning of the mediums. There were some beautiful blue fabrics in this section.

This is the L/maternity section.
Sorry I don't have a better photo. This was at the back near a mirror so there was a lot of traffic in this section.

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