Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stella McCartney Elle Macpherson Sample Sale Report December 2014

Hello chickadees,

Because I was (sort of) in the area I decided to drop by the Stella McCartney/Elle Macpherson sample sale at 180 Madison Avenue between 33rd and 34th St. Do not go into the Wells Fargo. It's the building next door. Suite 1702. You will have to sign in at the front desk. The sale was completely empty when I stopped by sometime between 10:00 am and 11:00 am. At some point two guys wandered in but other than that I didn't see anyone else shopping. I asked the girl working and she said that the sale was very busy yesterday but it's still pretty well stocked today so if you're looking for some bras and lingerie it might be worth stopping by. Hours are 10:00 am - 7:00 pm today and tomorrow. There is no coat or bag check but you can't try anything on.

Pricing is pretty simple and the discount's pretty great. Nothing looks damaged but you will have to dig a bit through the samples. There was no size that really jumped out. I saw everything from A to E and 30 to 36 in the sample bins. There was a rack of sleepwear mainly in medium but I forgot to snap a photo. It's a little easier to sort through the production bras along the side and on the wall but again, sizing varies based on style. Let's start with the production pieces.
Elle Macpherson bras $15 (slightly more C's)
Stella McCartney bras $20
Stella McCartney bras $20

Elle Macpherson French Flavour Contour Balconnet Bra $15
I think all of these bras were 36D's. 

Elle Macpherson bra $15 
There were at least three 32C's.
The bins are labelled by size but things are a bit mixed up so be prepared to sort through the bins a little.

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