Saturday, December 6, 2014

REVIEW of Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in I Only Shop Vintage

Hello fashionistas,

Obviously, I adore the name of this polish. Maybe one day I'll show you my growing collection of vintage and sample sale fashion. Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in that kind of thing. I've been staying away from fashion posts recently aside from my regular sample sale reports. I picked this polish up when I was out in California a while back. After taking the bus way, way out of my way to scope out the Sephora by OPI stock at Big Lots I'll admit I was disappointed with what I found but I did pick up a handful of polishes to make the trip worth it. I also picked up a mug which has been very useful for holding my makeup brushes. Right. Enough stalling. On to the review!

Color: I Only Shop Vintage is a brownish gold polish. I would put it somewhere between a shimmer and a glitter. Maybe glass flecked? I don't know. Clearly, I'm confused about how to classify this one. It doesn't have the pretty delicate shimmer I associate with shimmer polishes and it feels weird calling this a glitter. The swatches are pretty clear but still I'll try and clarify things a bit by noting that this polish reminds me a little of Essie Chinchilly. I don't think this color is very flattering on me and it's hard to think of which skin tones it would flatter. It might look better on medium or dark skin tones but it's more the undertones in the gold that seem to clash with everything.
Formula: The formula is neither notably thin nor thick.
Application: The first coat of this polish applied smoothly. It was very sparkly but also rather sheer it one coat. The second coat did not provide a lot of opacity and I still had VNL. The second coat went on smoothly but not super smoothly. There was a little bit of drag without it really affecting the evenness of the polish. With the third coat the drag was a little worse and I could see some ridges and brushstrokes. I had to even out the third layer of polish a bit. However, for a polish you have to work with, it wasn't an issue. At three coats this polish is nowhere near opaque. I would still recommend three coats of polish over two as I think it makes a difference.
Wear: I wore this polish for four days. On the fourth night the manicure was not showing that much tip wear. However, there was either a lot of growth at the cuticle or I hadn't painted the polish close enough to the cuticle to begin with.

CONCLUSION: Honestly, this wasn't a great polish but since I only paid around two dollars for it, it wasn't that bad. Of course you could make the argument that Confetti polishes are opaque and apply nicely at around the same price but if that was my standard for everything, I'd only buy polishes that cost $2 and then where would this blog be? If you think this color will flatter you and you're OK with a polish that isn't completely opaque, go for it. Application is manageable and wear seems fine. It's just not really for me.

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