Thursday, December 25, 2014

REVIEW of Zoya Sailor With SWATCHES

Hello sailors,
Sorry, I couldn't resist. Zoya Sailor was released as part of the Fall 2013 Cashmere Collection. I picked up my bottle in December of last year so relatively speaking, I'm right on schedule reviewing it a year later. What can I say? Until someone starts sending me polishes to review or making requests in the comments, I'm just going to test whatever polish I feel like testing at the moment. It was December and I felt like wearing Zoya Sailor to Carnegie Hall. I wish I could do an outfit and makeup look of the day post for that look but the lighting in my apartment is terrible. I will tell you that I paired this polish with a gray 3/4 sleeve Leota dress and a black and gold Noir jewelry necklace. Sample sale purchases naturally. I also wore my first pair of Alexis Bittar earrings which go with everything but matched nicely with the necklace.

Color: Zoya Sailor is a dark blue creme polish. I feel comfortable calling this a navy blue. It's a dusty navy though, unlike some of the brighter nautical blues that get called navy. What I really appreciate about this color is that it's a darker blue but it doesn't lean black at all. It's so annoying sometimes when you wear a dark polish and for all intents and purposes you could be wearing a black polish most of the time, especially since you can find so many good, affordable black nail polishes at the drugstore. Zoya Sailor is not like that at all. While it looks a little different from natural light to indoor lighting to dim light, it's always a blue.
Formula: This polish has a thinner formula. It's not watery but it's on the thinner side.
Application: The first coat of polish glided over the nail smoothly. It didn't match up to my favorite Essie polishes but it was easy to apply. The second coat also went on smoothly without any issues. You could almost get away with two coats on short nails but there was some slight balding so I added a third coat. The third coat of polish also applied nicely. The resulting manicure was even and not at all thick at three coats. The polish was very shiny even without top coat. My application experience was pretty much the same with my nondominant hand. I didn't run into any issues.
Wear: I wore this polish for four days. At the end of that period, I had experienced a good amount of tip wear. It was the chippy kind, not the even kind where the polish wears away in a smooth half-moon.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend this polish. It's not a perfect formula but it's a very good one and it shouldn't give you any issues. If you're looking for a darker blue but you want a true blue polish that doesn't end up looking like a black polish, pick up Zoya Sailor. Also, let me know in the comments if you'd like a comparison to say... Essie Bobbing For Baubles, Zoya Natty, and Joe Fresh Denim, or any other polishes. The one drawback is it doesn't seem to wear that well.
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