Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dark Red Burgundy Nail Polish Comparison

Hello vamps,

Yes, it is once again time for another nail polish comparison. I would do more of these posts if you asked but I don't get a lot of requests so I tend to save them for lulls in between regular manicures. I'm going to another concert in a few days and it seemed a waste to try and do a full manicure in between the manicure I'm doing for that concert and that last polish I was reviewing. I settled on this really deep, almost black burgundy red shade to try and dupe because a friend and fellow polish enthusiast (shout out to @EvilQueen13 on twitter) is a fan of these kinds of dark, gothic shades.

Here's my key. For my thumb and pinky nail I used Essie's Shearling Darling. For my pointer fingernail I used Essie's Lacy Not Racy. For my middle fingernail I used Revlon Vixen. For my ring fingernail I used Maybelline Dressed to Kill.

I don't think it would be fair to judge these polishes based on one nail though you can find my reviews of Essie Lacy Not Racy and Revlon Vixen here and here respectively. I will however give you some thoughts.

I applied three coats of each polish. All four of the polishes I swatches applied relatively smoothly. Essie Lacy Not Racy was the outlier. From the beginning it was a brighter red than the others and was the least opaque. Checking my original review, I see that I applied five coats for full opacity. Maybelline Dressed to Kill appears to be the darkest shade and appears almost black most of the time. Essie Shearling Darling leans brown or purple depending on the lighting and is the most opaque polish. It is darker than Revlon Vixen but lighter than Maybelline Dressed to Kill. Revlon Vixen was the second lightest with Lacy Not Racy being the brightest red. It came across as more of a dark red with a hint of brown beside Shearling Darling and Dressed to Kill which didn't seem very red in comparison.

All four polishes were very shiny even without top coat. If it matters, Shearling Darling and Dressed to Kill appeared to be the shiniest. Any bubbles or unevenness is from the Seche Vite I applied as my top coat. I don't know what is going on with the Seche Vite I've been using lately.
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I threw in this last flash photo so you could see the undertones in each shade more clearly.

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