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Noir Jewelry Sample Sale Pop Up Shop Report December 2014

Hello darlings,

Yes, I know I probably have too much jewelry. If you're reading this, you probably also have too much jewelry. It doesn't matter. It's still worth it for you to stop by the Noir Jewelry Sample Sale as long as you go right now. Why the urgency? There are $5 and $15 bins. Yes, you read that correctly. First, some boring details... This sale is running from today Sunday, December 14 through Tuesday, December 16 with daily hours from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. The location is 54 Crosby Street between Broome and Spring St. near the Bloomingdales. There is construction on the sidewalk so you'll have to cross from the opposite side. The sale is at the back of what looks to be a regular pop up shop selling non-Noir items instead of at their regular location up near Penn Station.

I arrived bright and early, if not exactly at 11:00 am then very close to it. That means anything in these photos could be gone by the time you get there if you go late, though there are a lot of duplicates of certain items. You could split this sale up into three main areas. In the center of the room you'll find tables with items from $20 up to $125. Generally items are in cardboard boxes marked with the correct price but things can get a little mixed up so be sure to check the stickers on the plastic bags. Each colored dot corresponds to a certain price. Many items that are still full price on the website can be found in these boxes.

The second part of the sale, which you should head to first if you're a big bargain hunter and you're not looking for a particular item from the current collections, is at the very back of the sale. Here the cardboard boxes are full of $5 items (mainly statement necklaces with some bangles and bracelets and earrings as well) with two $15 bins at the far end of the hallway. This will take some digging (probably on your knees as the boxes are on the floor) so dress accordingly. Nothing is damaged in this section. The items are simply not made with the same quality of materials as the other more expensive items. Still, for $5 you're beating the prices at most other retailers (including stores like Forever21) but you're getting Noir jewelry pieces. The third part of the sale is the display along the wall. You'll find some of the same items in the cardboard boxes on the table but also some merchandise that isn't in the boxes. If you're looking for something specific, I'd give it a quick glance when you first arrive but otherwise, I'd start with one of the other two sections and leave this last. They said they will be replenishing some items but they will not be adding anything new. For a short sale like this I wouldn't expect markdowns, especially since I'm sure they'll get a lot of traffic.

$25 and under box
I spotted the Rebecca Zig Zag Up the Ear Creeper Earrings (Normally $40) in here.
Meagan Pave Moon w/ Hanging Star Earring $25 (Normally $50)
Bena Arrowhead Earring $25 (Normally $60)
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Sherry Small Pave Stud Post Earrings (Normally $30)
Amanda Star & Moon Set Post Earrings (Normally $20)
Sioux Arrowhead Drop Earrings $25 (Normally $40)
 Ashley Sun & Moon Ring $15 (Normally $30)

$30 box
Elena Pave Ring (Normally $70)
$40 box
$50 box

Gotham City DC Comics Stackable Ring Set $50 (Normally $70)
Bamboo Pave Tapers Earrings $50 (Normally $100)

Holly the Hippopotamus Ring $70 (Normally $213)

Joy Spinning Pave Ring $70 (Normally $155)
Wonder Woman Logo DC Comics Two-Finger Ring $80 (Normally $165)
Gotham City DC Comics Statement Ring (Normally $225)
Animal Rings (ladybug, elephant, peacock)
Natalie the Shark Ring $70 (Normally $175)
All of these rings were each $70
Welcome to the $5 boxes
Just imagine how much stuff is in here. 

$5 earrings
$5 glittery flowery necklace
$5 necklace
$5 necklace
$5 earrings
$15 boxes
Third Section: Display

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