Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hugo Boss Sample Sale Report March 2012

I swung by 260 5th Ave (between 28th and 29th) on my break to check out this month's Hugo Boss week-long sample sale. The sale runs 11am-7pm until Friday when they'll be closing early at 3pm. I managed to get there pretty early in the day, around 12:45, and because it's at the lovely 260 5th Ave location there was no line. With the bag and coat check completed (they let you keep small purses this time), I started  browsing. There are plenty of racks of clothes organized by type and occasionally by size though it's easier to just check the tag on whatever catches your eye.

(PRICES) There were a lot of blouses going for $59, assorted (kind of random) dresses for $189, and jackets for $199. I had intended to pick up some tailored blouses and maybe a silk skirt or two since I love the one I got at the last sale but it was mostly pencil skirts this time (going for more than the blouses...maybe $69 or $79) which is definitely up from the last sale. Perhaps they will drop prices later in the week. The skirt material was pretty thin so as much as I love high-waisted pencil skirts I think I'll stick to department stores and Ann Taylor type brands since it's difficult to tell the difference.

(SIZES) The skirts ran mainly in smaller sizes with a lot of 0's and 2's and some 4's and 6's with a very limited selection of larger sizes scattered throughout. The dresses, as noted, seemed like a random selection. There was one showstopper in black with sequins and feathers in a huge size but otherwise there were black and white print shift dresses, slinky red silk dresses, slim fit tailored dresses in grays and blacks, and blue trench style dresses. The sizes varied the most with the dresses. I found everything from 0 to 10. There were a lot of blouses for 4's and 6's (which made me very happy) but they seem to have more sizes stocked somewhere so I would ask if you can't immediately find a size. I didn't really check out the jackets but eyeballing it, they seemed about the same as the blouses, running mainly from size 2-6. Aside from the dresses, most of the items were either white, black, gray, cream, or some shade of blue.

(ATMOSPHERE) For what was essentially the lunch hour crowd, I didn't find the place too crowded. Again, there was no line to get in or at the bag/coat check. Grabbing items from crowded areas (the skirt and dress racks were kind of clumped close together) was a bit difficult but it was nowhere near the most hectic sale I've been to. The worst part was the line for the waiting room (I saw a lot of women just changing in the aisles) which ate up about an hour of my time while I grew increasingly aggravated with the terrible playlist blasted into the shopping area. The one thing that cheered me up was all the male eye candy. Both the staff and the shoppers were gorgeous. There were enough high cheekbones, sharp jaws, muscular builds, and broad shoulders to make a girl swoon. No promises for the rest of the week, though. :)

(STAFF) Once inside the dressing room, the staff was great. Sizing was a little strange. I'm usually a 4 in dresses and blouses but for the 3 styles of shirts I tried, I needed a 2, a 4, and a 6. The girls fielded these kinds of issues from many of the women in the dressing room running out and returning pretty quickly. I think they brought in some of their own staff again, because the staff on the floor seemed very...German...and blond. The dressing room wasn't too bad. No pushing for mirror time or anything like that.

(CHECK OUT) There were signs on some of the machines that said "Credit Card Only" but I was in too much of rush to note if this was for all the machines or just some of them.

For an hour and a half's work, I think it went splendidly. I left with two well made blouses for $118. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you like the label and are looking for professional outfits. If you want a lot of color or design, I might skip this sale.

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