Monday, March 12, 2012

REVIEW of Revlon Lip Butter in 030 Fig Jam

This is my go-to everyday lip color. I probably would have used it all through fall as well if I'd purchased it earlier. It's just a perfect natural shade that just seems appropriate for the weather and every fall/winter outfit I put together. Somehow it balances on the border of a nude/natural color and a dark lip color. I think it's because it is a brown but it wears very sheer. Do not be intimidated by the dark brown color of the product in the tube. There is a bit of a scent but it is very faint and not offensive and I have a very sensitive nose.
Now as much as I like the color of the product, I can't recommend it based on the formula. I know, I know. The entire beauty community on the internet is raving about Revlon lip butters. When they first go on, they don't feel drying but they don't feel moisturizing either. They feel like you've applied a thick balm to your lips. They can feel a bit tacky/sticky at first but eventually the product settles. I don't think it completely dries because my hair still gets caught in it when the wind blows but it isn't as tacky. The problem is that wear-time isn't very long and when the product does fade away it leaves my lips dry and sometimes peeling or flaky. This doesn't happen all the time but sometimes I can go out with completely healthy lips and in the middle of the day when I check the mirror suddenly they're horrifyingly flaky and dry. So, no, I don't think this is a moisturizing lip balm. I still prefer my Covergirl natureluxe glossbalms. I would recommend layering something underneath or on top of these to keep lips looking healthy and moisturized and just use this for the benefit of a sheer brown lip color.

One last thing I feel like I should tell you...I sort of damaged the top of this lip butter out of carelessness one day and for some reason since that point (or because it melted without my knowledge) the texture of the lip butter has become extremely soft. I still use it by taking a bit and dabbing it on my lips like a lip tint but I can't apply it straight from the tube anymore.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend this product for the color but it can be drying.

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For reference...lips without any pigment

Note: The color on the right is Fig Jam. I will be reviewing Red Velvet at a later date.

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