Friday, December 6, 2013

Alexis Bittar Sample Sale Report December 2013

Hi chickadees!
Since I don't have any pictures from the sale, I just thought I'd throw in a photo I took with Alexis Bittar at the reopening of his Soho store. 

Sorry for another short report today. I breezed in and out of Alexis Bittar because I wanted to make it to Nest before they A) ran out of merchandise and B) closed. If you can still make time to go to Nest, they're closing at 1pm today and almost everything is discounted. The Aerin candles are down to $20 and most of them are still in stock. The Link candles are down to $5. The tall pillar candles are 3 for $12 and the small pillar candles are 3 for $10. Enough of that, back to Alexis Bittar.

The sale is continuing today until 7pm at 9 W 20th St. between 5th and 6th Avenues. I would recommend taking the N or R to 23rd St but since they never came this morning, you could also take a bunch of trains to 14th St/Union Square and just walk a little farther. The last day of the sale is tomorrow also from 8:30am to 7pm. There is a coat check and I think they were also checking bags but they let me keep my little baguette. They were also checking umbrellas because it's apparently going to be raining for the rest of the week. 

This sale feels smaller than the last sale I covered which was part of the reason why I didn't try and take photos. The lighting was also terrible. I would definitely advise you to go to a brightly lit corner and examine anything you're thinking about buying. Especially anything pave as I saw a few pieces missing some stones. I saw some earrings in the front for $30 but I didn't really think they were worth $30 as they just seemed like they were made of wood and/or seed beads. They also had a handful of the pink butterfly rings that were included in the last major sale on the website for I think $49 which is about what they cost during that sale. I can't be entirely sure but I think that there were a handful of pieces from this year and a lot of pieces from last year's collections so I'm assuming that this is all the leftover merchandise that they didn't manage to sell in the end of the year sale in the spring/summer. I found these teardrop earrings that I've been wanting for the longest time for $99 and these rose gold earrings for $49 that I couldn't help but splurge on. It kind of kills me that they tacked on tax after that but what can you do?

I think the $49 earrings were the Miss Havisham Crystal Encrusted Teardrop Earrings which are still selling for $100 at Nordstrom. I found the $99 earrings on another website (sold out) where they were selling for $240 so in both cases you're getting a substantial discount. 

I think they still have a pretty healthy selection of items though I can't guarantee that you'll find something you like. Even in the rain, the sale was fairly busy at 9am with about 20 people or so shopping (it was difficult to figure it if everyone was a shopper as the salespeople kept walking around the floor). Most of the items that appealed to me were either $79 or $99 so if that's in your price range for personal or Christmas shopping, it can't hurt to take a trip to this sale. 

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