Saturday, December 7, 2013

X Factor UK Live Show 9

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Well, I hate everyone. Now that Hannah and Tamera are gone I guess I'm rooting for Sam Bailey? Sure. Fine. Sam Bailey. I'm still more interested in the potential albums Hannah and Tamera will put out than anything from the other contestants but sure, Sam Bailey for the win. Sigh...

Beyonce Round
Luke Friend: Best Thing I Never Had. It was a typical performance from Luke. This is not one of my favorite Beyonce songs so I didn't mind the arrangement as it made the song seem like it had more of a clear melody. There were the same issues with him going a bit flat around the lower notes but it was fine.
Nicholas McDonald: Halo. A bit dull. A bit flat. It had it's moments but it was generally a pretty weak performance and he was struggling to hit the notes. His voice kept breaking. He should really be better at this point in the competition. I hate this year of the X Factor.
Sam Bailey: If I Were A Boy. I don't know if they changed the key but it still doesn't sound like it fits squarely in Sam's range. This is a pretty dull song until the belting. I know it's one of the ones that people like to sing but it shouldn't be. There are better Beyonce songs to perform during a singing competition. Anyway, it sounded fine once she got to the fun belting part. Sam Bailey doesn't have that spark about her. She's the contestant I usually like on singing competitions who is a good singer but doesn't connect with the audience and gets eliminated after a few weeks or ends up placing anywhere from fourth to second. I think she could win this year but I'm not excited about it.
Rough Copy: Survivor. First of all, this is a Destiny's Child song. Surely they could have found something in Beyonce's catalog without having to go to a Destiny's Child song. There are only four contestants. Whatever. Secondly, I keep forgetting Rough Copy are in the competition. You know how people joke that the rest of Destiny's Child are just Beyonce's backup singers and Kelly Rowland is not-Beyonce and no one even remembers Michelle Williams' name? Yeah, Rough Copy are worse than that. They were fine in a mediocre, sure, this is acceptable way. They don't seem like semi-finalists.

Elton John Round
Nicholas McDonald: Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me. It's still not the strongest vocal performance and I wish someone would hold the notes for the full length of the phrase but this is definitely Nicholas' comfort zone and when his voice sounds the best.
Luke Friend: Something About the Way You Look Tonight. Simpler songs like this suit Luke. I think. I'm genuinely still not sure what kind of artist he's trying to be. Luke has improved during the competition but he still has some of the same issues that he did all the way back at judges' houses. But for the most part, I liked this performance.
Rough Copy: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. It still wasn't spectacular but it was better than their round one performance. There are just way too many mistakes and issues at this point in the competition. Either they aren't working hard during rehearsals, trying hard during performances, or they just aren't capable of doing better.
Sam Bailey: Candle In the Wind. Sam has a weird way of emoting during a song. I think the problem is that she's not connecting with the song but trying to "act." I would say she'd be at home on the West End but I don't think musical theater is her genre. It could have been a stronger performance, especially given the fact that she had the final act of the night sweet spot.

Overall Rankings (in my opinion)
1. Sam Bailey
2. Luke Friend
3. Nicholas McDonald
4. Rough Copy

Note: I will update with my thoughts on Sam's and Rough Copy's second performances once their videos are live on the youtube page and I am able to watch them.

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