Saturday, December 7, 2013

REVIEW Confetti Long Wearing Nail Color in 39 Just Dancin With SWATCHES

Hello dancing queens,

Today I have yet another Confetti Long Wearing Nail Color review for you. Confetti is by far my favorite cheap drugstore polish brand. It's almost on par with the mid-range brands like OPI, Essie, and Zoya at a fraction of the cost. And because it's so cheap at $2 a bottle at CVS (at least here in NYC), it's a great way to try out colors that you might not instinctively gravitate towards. For me, Confetti Long Wearing Nail Color in 39 Just Dancin is one of those colors.

Color: Confetti Just Dancin is a dark red shimmer polish. I'm having trouble describing it because it has so much of a brown tone. It's darker than a brick red and not quite a wine red or a ruby red. I suppose maybe it's more of a rusty red or a garnet red. Yes, that sounds about right. A deep garnet red with a touch of brown. I feel like I've seen swatches of this kind of color a lot in previous OPI collections so it's very possibly a dupe for an OPI polish. While it hasn't made me a convert to deep brownish red shimmer polishes, I do like the way it looks on my shorter nails and it does have a good amount of depth. It can appear to have a little purple in it under certain lighting conditions which you can see the most in the first bottle pic in this post.
Formula: The formula was maybe on the thicker side but not notably so.
Application: The first coat applied smoothly but no dragging but it was a little streaky and I did have to even out the polish a bit with the brush. The second coat was more of the same. Although the polish appeared fairly opaque at two coats, it failed a light test because of bald patches so I added a third coat. During the application of the third coat I noticed that the brush was dragging a little and though I could even out the polish, it did not even out perfectly. The polish was already very shiny without a layer of top coat but I added a layer of Seche Vite as I always do and noticed that it further smoothed out the polish. I should also mention that if you examine your nails closely, you will be able to see brushstrokes because of the shimmer formula but it is not terribly noticeable.
Wear: I started to get tip wear very quickly (1-2 days) on my dominant hand but it's not as bad on the other hand. I'm not sure if this is because I use my dominant hand for more projects that might have worn the polish away or because I did a better job of wrapping the tips of my nails when painting with my dominant hand. Either way, it's something to be aware of as a good polish should not show so much tip wear this early.

CONCLUSION: If you like the swatches I would recommend this polish. It doesn't have a perfect formula but it's relatively easy to work with and it's a fraction of the post of similar polishes. However, I will freely admit that I might not be recommending this polish if it wasn't only $2 at the drugstore. I'm happy to have it in my collection for variety but it's not my favorite Confetti polish.
SWATCHES (This polish photographed a bit more like a true red but imagine it with a touch more brown.)

You can see the brown, rusty garnet quality a bit more in this photo.

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