Thursday, December 12, 2013

Natori Sample Sale Report December 2013

Hello chickadees!
I stopped into the Natori sale at 102 Madison Avenue today around 1:00 pm. The sale will reopen tomorrow at 10:00 am and close at 4:00 pm. The sale is on the third floor of the building and they accept both cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). There are no try-ons, returns, large bags, or shopping carts and all sales are final. The building is so professional that it's a bit intimidating when you first see the chaos that is this sale. Now, there is no aggressive behavior or anything like that but there are bras. Lots and lots of bras. Bras hanging on the wall. Bras in boxes on the table. Bras in boxes on the floor. It's a lot to take in at one time.

Personally, I feel like shopping for bras and lingerie is something that should be special. The Natori sample sale is not special. It is grabbing $10 sample bras, $12 regular bras and digging through cardboard boxes in a roomful of women while some random guys stand around. I don't think they were security. I'm not going to get into it but it was weird.

In the center of the room there are boxes of bras arranged by their exact sizes (e.g. 34 DD). For the most part the right bras were in the right boxes though I did find a few bras without labels. Unfortunately there is no way of telling what size those bras are without measuring them. I think the bras that aren't in the bags are supposed to be the samples but there's no way of telling as some of the bags seem to have been removed during the course of the sale. The women working out the checkout counter seem to be familiar with the styles or the labels so there shouldn't be an issue with this.

Then there are the bras hanging up on the wall which are arranged mostly by band size (number) with the a few sections for the highest cup sizes (G, H, DDD). Among the bras on the wall I found a lot more A's and B's with some of the larger sizes mixed in as well.

Styles were varied with some very brightly colored bras, some animal print bras, and actually a fair amount of nude bras with maybe just a bit of lace embellishment. I mostly saw bras with underwire. I did not see a lot of padded bras or demi-cup bras. This seems to be a sale that favors women with larger bosoms (yay for me finally managing to work bosoms into a post) and there were a lot of bras with full cups and wider bands for more support and coverage. And if you aren't such a big fan of underwire, there are also some softer bras mixed in. 

At the very back of the sale you'll find boxes of thongs in boxes labelled small, medium, and large. 

In a separate room you will find robes and sleepwear including nightgowns and nightshirts. Prices are indicated by colored stickers on the tags. I think prices range from $15 to $30. Styles were very varied. I personally didn't find anything that great in this section but it's worth a look once you've made your way through the other room. 

My only issue with this sale is the lack of a dressing room as bras are one of those items where your size can really vary depending on the sale. Nonetheless, this is a sale that's definitely worth checking out if only for the amazing discount. 

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