Sunday, July 7, 2013

REVIEW of Zoya Vespa With SWATCHES

Hey cool riders,
I have a new textured polish formula to introduce to you today. Zoya Vespa is part of the new line of Zoya Pixiedust polishes. OK, so they're not brand new, but I was waiting for a Zoya promotion before purchasing a few of them. I also have London and Dahlia which I will probably review in the fall.

Color: Zoya Vespa is a light green textured polish with silver glitter. It's a light cool-toned green without top coat and more of a muted spring green with top coat. As a textured polish, Vespa has a very fine grit. It's a bit abrasive against your skin but I don't think it's even as abrasive as a mild exfoliant. To me, it appears to be more of a gritty matte glitter polish than a textured polish except in direct bright sunlight. You may see some swatches on other blogs that make the texture seem more pronounced but a lot of those photos are extreme close ups. In person, the texture is less noticeable. However, there is a slight difference between the look of this polish with and without top coat. The color is slightly darker and more intense with top coat. Obviously, the use of top coat provides shine and smooths the surface of the polish. And the glitter appears less gritty and more like it is trapped. It's clearer in the swatches. I think this is a color that would flatter a lot of skin tones but it is especially nice if you have yellow undertones as I do.
Formula: The formula is difficult to evaluate. The polish clung to the brush like a thicker polish but it was very sheer.
Application: The polish feels a little thick and my brush seemed a little wonky but application was still smooth. In one coat, the polish was already very sparkly but sheer. the first coat dried very quickly (almost like a basic matte polish) but with successive coats (especially if you're using thicker coats) you should let your nails sit for a while to completely dry. In two coats, I still saw balding and the polish was still somewhat sheer. In three coats, there was still balding and patchiness and the polish failed the light test but at that point I didn't care to keep layering on coats.
Wear: The polish is pretty smooth for a textured polish but it is still slightly abrasive so I would be careful about maybe scratching your skin or expensive articles of clothing. Chances are, it won't be a problem but it's better to be cautious. As I wore it I did get a bit annoyed with the patchiness.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend this polish. It is sheer and still patchy in three coats but I think the color is flattering and the textured effect is nice, if subtle. This is probably a polish that you should layer unless you feel like waiting for 4 or 5 coats of polish to dry.

No top coat on nails 1 and 3, Top coat on nails 2 and 4
No top coat on nails 1 and 3, Top coat on nails 2 and 4
No top coat on nails 1 and 3, Top coat on nails 2 and 4
Here you can really see the bald spots.

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