Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Alexis Bittar Sample Sale Report June 2014

Hello ladybugs,
I am big fan of Alexis Bittar so even though I already cleaned up pretty well at Chloe + Isabel a short while ago, I headed off to 143 W. 19th St. this morning to scope out the semi-annual sale. This season's sale is running just three days, from Wednesday June 18 through Friday June 20. The sale will open everyday at 8:30 am. On Wednesday and Thursday they'll close at 7:00 pm but if you're planning to wait until Friday, bear in mind that the sale will close early at 4:00 pm. They will be replenishing the stock they have out but they have more of some items than others so I can't guarantee that everything pictured will still be there if you decide to check out the sale later in the run. I wouldn't count on any markdowns for a three day sale like this one. There is a mandatory bag check so try and bring a small clutch.
Closest to the door is where you'll find the post earrings and the majority of the smaller earrings.
I spotted a ton of these $49 post earrings.

There were a lot of duplicates in the trays in this section.

Just a little farther on and you'll begin to find all the bracelets and bangles. Wrist decorating baubles make up a sizable chunk of this sale and prices vary wildly so check those tags.

Larger earrings are arranged on racks above the bangles. Some of these styles can also be found in the bins but if you know you're looking for heaving earrings or larger hoops, I would start in this section.

Past the bracelets, you will find all the necklaces as well as more pairs of hanging earrings laid out on the shelves. Generally the pendant necklaces are less than $159 while all the necklaces on the display stands are above $159.


You can see from the basket in this photo that some people were seriously stocking up at this sale even though these items are far from cheap.

There was totally a dupe for these $79 rose gold earrings at the Chloe + Isabel sale. I just thought I'd point that out. 
There were a few pairs of these earrings which I purchased at the last sale in the fall. They were still $49 at this sale.
Sorry for the poor photo quality. But these pave teardrop pendant necklaces were also $49 each.
On the center tables you will find more necklaces and bracelets.
$49 for the necklaces with the darker stones
The pewter and green stone necklaces were $79.
These butterfly wing pendant necklaces were $159.


These beautiful green earrings were $99.


Along the far wall you will find all the rings as well as more resin or lucite bangles.
There were really only large cocktail rings on this tray so if that isn't your style, I would breeze past this section.
These bubble rings were the least expensive item at $29 each.

You'll have to decide for yourself if it's worth it to attend this sale. Having added so much to my jewelry collection at the Chloe + Isabel sale, I didn't really see anything at the Alexis Bittar sale I wanted to splurge on. There are these adorable earrings on the website that I've got my eye on but they weren't at this sale so I'll probably wait for the next one. I think I took good photos of almost every item so if you see something you like, consider stopping by.

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