Saturday, June 21, 2014

REVIEW of KBShimmer Nail Polish in Let's Not Coral With SWATCHES

Hello my little starfishes!

It took me forever to figure out that this polish was a play on the phrase "let's not quarrel" because I'm either great at conflict resolution or just a bit a dim sometimes. Anyway, this is the first KBShimmer I've ever tried as well as the first one that I'll be reviewing for you so I'll go a bit more in depth than a normally would for a familiar brand. I had no intention of really trying out KBShimmer but I saw swatches on another blog and suddenly a small haul became very necessary.

The bottles have a somewhat clunky shape and resemble nothing so much as a bottle of Seche Vite though they have a shorter cap. As far as storage goes, it's not my favorite bottle shape but I think the design of the logo is pretty. The brush is a little on the thicker side, at least compared to Essie brushes which I feel have the most ideal width. The bristles are very straight and flat instead of rounded and flaring out at the ends. I purchased this polish from I think it's available elsewhere online but I don't know if it's sold at any stores. At $7.50, it was basically in the same range as your standard drugstore polish (Essie, OPI, Zoya) though of course you can sometimes find those polishes on sale or use drugstore rewards to discount the cost of those polishes. Like all of those polishes, a bottle of KBShimmer polish contains 15 ml/0.5 fl oz of product.

Color: KBShimmer Let's Not Coral is a bright pink polish. I'm not quite ready to call it a coral. There are times when it comes close to be that perfect coral that I have been searching for years to find but most of the time I would say it's just a bright pink and occasionally it veers a little orange (mainly in the yellow-tinted lighting in my apartment).
Formula: Let's Not Coral has a thicker formula that threads when you pull the brush from the bottle.
Application: The first coat went on smoothly without any drag but coverage was a little streaky. I immediately found the formula to be a little thick and I would not recommend working with this polish too much. This is not a good formula to try and even out with the brush. Even though the thickness of the polish makes it necessary for you to even out the polish, you will find it very difficult to do so. The second coat also applied without any drag but I had to use thicker coats of polish to achieve a smooth glide. The polish was not going on evenly because I was unable to really work with it. At two coats, this polish did not pass a light test because of the uneven application. Also, there were some bubbles on one nail. After adding a third coat, the polish was still not opaque because of the patchy, uneven application. I'd suggest just adding two coats because three coats adds an unnecessary amount of polish without improving opacity to a significant degree. With my nondominant hand, I didn't try to even out the polish at all. I still ended up using three coats of polish per nail with opacity and evenness about the same as when I was painting with my dominant hand.
Wear: I applied this polish at night on 6/10. By 6/12, the polish had chipped on the index finger of my right hand. This was horrifying for me as longtime readers know that polish rarely chips on me and aside from growth and tip wear, I could probably wear most polishes for weeks without chipping. Anyway, I had an event to attend so at night on 6/12 I repainting the nail with the chipping and rewrapped the tips of all my nails. By 6/12 there was already a significant amount of tip wear on most of my nails. By 6/14 when I finally removed this polish, the tip wear had returned but I didn't experience any further chipping.
CONCLUSION: I can't recommend this polish. I think the shade of pink is bold and fun but application is a massive pain and wear is terrible.


This is the chipping I was telling you about. 

If you'd like to see even more swatches of this polish, the photos I took for my Chloe + Isabel haul are actually very color accurate.

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