Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Amanda Uprichard Sample Sale Report June 2014

Hello lovelies,
If you're looking for some lightweight, colorful pieces to carry you through to the end of summer, I would definitely consider swinging by the Amanda Uprichard Sample Sale at 231 W. 39th St. It is on the ninth floor towards the back of the hallway in room 918. This sale favors small and petite sizes. I was able to find a decent amount of mediums in particular styles and a handful of larges but if you're a medium or larger I maybe wouldn't go out of my way to attend this sale.

There were a lot of thin, breezy blouses and button-downs on this rack, mainly in small and petite.
You'll find more mediums and larges on the racks by the window.

I think the leather shorts in this photo came in almost every size.

This center rack mainly contained small and petite dresses.

Large printed pants
Small pink swan skirt

Leather shorts
Towards the back, farthest from the entrance you'll find the more structured dresses. They're still colorful and seasonally appropriate but they're made of slightly heavier fabrics that make them feel more like spring than summer styles.

Leather bodice dress with blue skirt

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