Monday, June 9, 2014

REVIEW of Butter London Nail Lacquer in Dosh With SWATCHES

Hello chickadees,

Perhaps you're wondering why I'm reviewing another Butter London polish when I haven't had the best luck with the brand in the past. Well, you know I find it hard to pass up a sale and these polishes were recently on sale at Ricky's so I picked up two of them. Also, this shade of green kind of reminds me of Wicked in the bottle so how could I pass up the fabulousness of that? OK, basically I have a problem. You're reading this blog. You already know that.

Color: Butter London Dosh is a medium green shimmer polish. I don't mean to mislead you when I call it a shimmer because it doesn't have the look that I associate with a traditional shimmer. Instead of looking like a creme with a shimmery quality, Dosh feels more like one of those shimmer/flakie hybrids that I feel like I keep running into like Zoya Seraphina. However, it doesn't have that flakie consistency where it seems to apply in little flakes of polish. Actually, you know it reminds me a lot of the Sinful Colors shimmers like Firefly. I'm surprised it has a kind of cheap look for such an expensive polish. As for the shade of green, I would describe it as swampy. It's like a grassy, leafy green that has a slightly muddy, sickly quality. In spite of that, I like it. It's one of those colors like chartreuse that should be ugly but actually kind of works. I think the shimmer can appear to be light gold or more of a silver depending on the lighting.

Formula: Dosh has a thick formula that is very sheer. This is my least favorite kind of polish formula.

Application: Full disclosure, the brush that came with this polish was broken so the application process involved a lot of shenanigans. I'm fully aware that this may have affected the application but A) It's Butter London's damn fault for making a defective product and B) I still think the formula was mainly to blame for the poor application.

Let's begin with the application of polish using my dominant hand. I used the brush (yes, the broken brush) that came with the polish for the first two coats. The first coat of polish went on a little streaky and worrisomely sheer. I found the second coat of polish to be thick. I had to even it out with the brush which was difficult with the polish getting a little gloopy. The polish was nowhere near opaque at two coats. With the third coat, I decided to switch to a Maybelline gel liner brush I had lying around. Application was the same and the polish was still not opaque at three coats. I added a fourth coat because I hate myself, going back to the regular brush that came with the polish. At four coats the polish was more or less opaque but it wasn't fully opaque because of the patchiness and balding caused by the uneven application.

So normally I wouldn't have finished this manicure but I had somewhere to go so I continued to put myself through the torture of applying this polish. To apply polish with my nondominant hand, I decided to clean off an old Orly Bonder brush and use that to apply the polish. I still found the first coat of polish to go on streaky and sheer. The second coat still had to be evened out and the brush created ridges in the polish. However, there was no drag. I found application very similar to application with my dominant hand. I required four coats of polish for any semblance of opacity and I got a very uneven patchy manicure for my troubles.

Wear: I generally apply my polish at night. I applied this polish the night of May 26. By May 28 I already had a lot of tip wear. That is terribly disappointing, especially for a mid-range/high-end brand like Butter London that retails at $15. If you haven't been reading my reviews for a long time, you may not know that my polish almost never chips and I generally only get tip wear days into wearing a polish. So for me, tip wear on day two is unacceptable. I imagine that if you are someone whose polish often chips, this polish is going to be a disaster for you.

CONCLUSION: I can't in good conscience recommend this polish. Even without the broken brush, I think the formula is kind of awful and I started to get tip wear after two days. Really after maybe one day as I already noticed the tip wear in the afternoon on the second day. The only thing I could recommend this polish for is the color which is somewhat unique but it's also not going to be something for everyone. If you're looking for a pretty, grassy green, it's not a dupe, but I would go for Sephora by OPI Leaf Him At the Altar.
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Here are some photos of the terrible broken brush.

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