Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Parker Sample Sale Report June 2014

Hi chickadees,

I'm not familiar with the brand so I really had no expectations when I headed to the Parker sample sale this morning. I'd only left the Alexis Bittar maybe half an hour before I arrived at the Parker sale so it was still early but there were a lot of ladies shopping.

Prices seem good for this sale (bearing in mind that I know nothing about the brand) but personally I thought it mostly looked like mall fashion and the kind of stock you'd find at those boutiques that seem to be constantly having sales to trick you into going into the store.
There is no real rhyme or reason to the racks of clothes. Sizes from XS to L are all mixed together. Generally, dresses and blouses are at the very front near the door, sweaters and blouses can be found a little further along and skirts and bottoms are in the back apparently mixed in with the samples. I think the samples are the items without tags but I couldn't really get confirmation on that. 

The line for dressing room was a bit long with plenty of women already behind the barriers trying on items.
This pretty print dress was a large.
This sporty red dress had some leather detailing. I was on the lookout for the leather items but I didn't find many of them.

The beaded dresses mainly had this sort of loose fit.

A lot of the beaded dresses seemed to be fall stock as they were in darker colors and felt a little heavier and more somber than what you might wear in the spring and summer.

This colorful top was the only one of its kind so I snapped a pic.
I spotted a few pairs of these rather hideous pants with leather detailing in various sizes.
There were a few wispy thin maxi dresses towards the back.
I would caution you to examine all the items, even if they aren't samples as this dress was notably damaged.

I think this was a part of the sample racks but again, I could not get any confirmation.
There were... interesting pairs of beaded hot pants in this section.
I also spotted this leather skirt that I think was a sample as it didn't have a tag.
Sample section?
Sample section?

Sorry I couldn't give you more details on this sale. It was a little chaotic and quite busy when I left. Even though I didn't find anything, plenty of girls were leaving with bags so if you're a fan of the brand or you see something you like in these photos consider stopping by. I will say that this sale seems to favor smaller sizes in spite of the few larges I was able to locate. I don't remember seeing many mediums but I didn't check all the tags.

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