Friday, June 20, 2014

OpenHouse Pop Up Sample Sale June 2014

Hello buttercups,
I'm just back from the Pop Up Sample Sale being held at the OpenHouse Gallery at 201 Mulberry from today June 20 through June 25. The hours are 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. I assume that's daily but I couldn't get confirmation. They apparently won't be restocking which is strange since it didn't seem like they had enough merchandise to warrant staying for six days and the woman I asked said there would not be any markdowns.
There is a dressing area but be forewarned, it consists of two panels of cloth so you'll be exposed to anyone on the lower level. You might want to dress accordingly.
Let's get menswear out of the way first. It mainly consisted of Shades of Gray and brands that were not labeled. Given the size of the sale, I think menswear made up a respectable amount of the merchandise but not enough that I'd really go out of my way to check it out if I were a guy or shopping for one.

I was not entirely sure if this was menswear or womenswear.

Let's start at the back of the sale with womenswear. Courtshop Jeans were $25.
This sign says Timo Weiland but there were other brands mixed in. I spotted mainly prints and cocktail dresses.
This sweater was Timo marked at $69.
This Erin Fetherston Soiree Dress was a size 0 marked down to $49.

This Erin Fetherston dress was also a size 0 marked down to $99.
This Erin Fetherston Naomi dress was marked down to $99.
The Suno pieces occupied one rack at this sale. Most of the pieces featured colorful prints but I did spot one or two plainer items.
This size 8 Suno dress said $89 on the tag in spite of the "Suno All Pieces $86" sign so you'll have to check on that if you're interested.
I also spotted this cute XS skirt on the Suno rack.
This blazer was XS and also came in a purple version.
As you can see, there are no bags on this Edith A. Miller rack. It was mostly sweaters and shirts.
This rack was not labeled but it mostly consisted of Erin Fetherston dresses.

Be careful to check the items you're purchasing at this sale because everything is not pristine as evidenced by the lining of this dress.
Erin Fetherston 
Erin Fetherston $99
Erin Fetherston $99

Wayne skirt size 6 Was $473 Now $99

This lion-print Delfina Balda Lava Tunic was $85.
This size small Whit Hammock Striped Dress was marked down from $332 to $109.
This Wren dress with the most fabulous paillettes was marked down from $330 to $85.

Skirts around $40, Dresses around $65
This LA made leather jacket with partial cloth sleeves was $169. There were two of them at this sale, both size L.
There were quite a few duplicates of these LA made leather detail pants.
This LA made dress with a split skirt was priced at $49.
This dress also had leather detailing.

This Family Affair dress was hiding in another brands racks. There were quite a few duplicates in different sizes priced at $35 each.

W118 by Walter Baker leather Angelo Jacket size S priced at $145
W118 by Walter Baker size small Bruce Dress $85
W118 by Walter Baker size medium dress $85

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