Monday, June 16, 2014

Maybelline Frozen Over Sinful Colors Cinderella Comparison

Hello my little ice princesses,

See what I did there? Yeah, I know. I'm very clever. I have some downtime at the moment so it's finally time to fulfill the request I got way back in April to do a comparison between Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in 315 Frozen Over and Sinful Colors Professional Nail Enamel in 1106 Cinderella. If you'd like to read more in depth reviews of each polish, I've provided links to my original reviews.

For this comparison, I applied four coats of Maybelline Frozen Over to the nail of my pointer finger and four coats of Sinful Colors Cinderella to the nail of my middle finger. With Frozen Over, I found that all four coats went on smoothly but a bit unevenly, particularly with the first coat. I even out the polish a bit but not much as I was trying to not overwork it. With Cinderella, all four coats also went on smoothly without any drag. However, with the first coat of polish, you could see a clear difference between Cinderella and Frozen Over. Cinderella is considerably less opaque. There was barely any blue pigment deposited with the first coat of Cinderella, almost as though I was using a sheer nude polish that had been tinted blue instead of a regular creme. At four coats, neither polish was opaque. The color of the two polishes is similar but not identical. The Sinful Colors is a more subdued powdery, dusty blue while the Maybelline polish is brighter blue that appears more aqua (blue-green) next to the Sinful Colors polish. It's subtle if you aren't looking for it but there is definitely a difference between the two polishes. The Maybelline polish was clearly more opaque but patchy while the Sinful Colors polish was less opaque but more even. The flaky/shimmer particles in both polishes look identical to me. The particles are both a shimmery pale blue that picks up glints of pink when the light hits them.

I have read other reviews of these polishes that advise you to use them as top coats. Thus, for my ring finger and pinky, I applied three coats of Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams and then applied a thick coat of Maybelline Frozen Over to my ring fingernail and a thick coat of Sinful Colors Cinderella to my pinky fingernail. You do get a different look using these polishes on their own vs. using them as top coats. However, if opacity is a big concern, this is a way to wear these polishes without having to worry about applying a million coats of polish. The flaky shimmer is a little less pronounced when you are just using these polishes as top coats. Since neither polish provides a ton of pigment in one coat, they're mainly adding shimmer and so they provide a fairly identical effect when used as a top coat.

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CONCLUSION: You'll have to decide for yourself what's important to you. Sinful Colors Cinderella applies more evenly but is less opaque. Maybelline Frozen Over applies less evenly and more patchy but it offers greater opacity. Both formulas are manageable. If you only want to use these polishes as top coats then they look identical, so I would go with whichever one is cheaper where you happen to be shopping. Personally, I would pick the Sinful Colors polish because I like the color a little more, it's cheaper where I live, and it's easier for me to fix the opacity than the unevenness of a polish.

Left: Maybelline Frozen Over
Right: Sinful Colors Cinderella
Left: Maybelline Frozen Over
Right: Sinful Colors Cinderella

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