Friday, June 13, 2014

REVIEW of Ginger+Liz Colour Collection Polish in Got My Groove Back

Hello my little gold stars,

This is where I'd make a sassy joke if I'd ever watched How Stella Got Her Groove Back but I haven't so feel free to insert your own joke here. Anyway, I decided to attend my second concert at the 92Y, which sadly was not as good as the first concert for various reasons that I will not bother getting into here, and I decided to celebrate with a flashy manicure without the excess of a ton of glitter. I wasn't even thinking that I'd worn Ginger+Liz Tuck Me In to the last concert. It's funny how these things work out.

Color: Ginger+Liz Got My Groove Back is a cold-toned gold foil polish. It isn't quite as rough as other foils that I've tried like Orly Rage but it does have a grittiness to it and visible brushstrokes. There isn't much more to say than that. It's flashy but because the texture is a little more smooth and more similar to a shimmer than other foils, it keeps the polish a little subdued all things considered.
Formula: I didn't find the formula to be particularly thin or thick in consistency.
Application: The first coat went on smoothly without any drag on the brush but I did have to even the polish out a bit. The brushstrokes were visible so I would advise you to be very careful about making sure all your brushstrokes are going in the same direction. Oddly, the shimmer both emphasizes and disguises the brushstrokes. At one coat, the polish is already quite shimmery. Application of the second coat also went very smoothly. I found the polish very easy to work with aside from the slight concern of evening out the polish while making sure the brushstrokes were all straight and pointing in the same direction. At two coats, this polish still doesn't pass the light test (it was particularly sheer when I was painting with my nondominant hand) so a third coat of polish was necessary. The polish is opaque at three coats.
Wear: The polish wears nicely with only minimal tip wear after a few days. My only issue with it is that while removal is generally easy, particularly for a foil polish, there are these little bits of glitter that linger on the nail and refuse to come off no matter how hard you scrub. This is why glitter is the herpes of art supplies. For me, it isn't a dealbreaker but it's something to keep in mind if you're thinking of transitioning from this polish to say, a semi-sheer nude.

CONCLUSION: Yeah, I would totally recommend this polish. Application is easy. It wears nicely without too much damage. Really the only issues are the visible brushstrokes and the lingering glitter. Because of the visible brushstrokes, I might recommend this a little more highly for someone who considers themselves at least at the intermediate level when it comes to doing their own manicures.


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