Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chloe + Isabel Sample Sale Haul

Hello bumblebees,

I received a request to do a haul post showing you what I purchased at the Chloe + Isabel sale I attended recently. The sale has unfortunately ended for those of you who might have wanted to shop it but you can still read my report here

Anyway, let's begin with the regular items I purchased from the inventory room. When it comes to jewelry, I gravitate towards earrings as I generally don't like wearing bracelets and really don't deviate much from the same styles of necklaces. But earrings are my vice. I did a jewelry collection post a long time ago and if you'd like I can try and film a video but that will probably take some time as my priority when it comes to videos is trying to figure out how to film nail art tutorials. But enough of that. I purchased four pairs of earrings at this sale. They were each priced at $10.
I purchased these large pewter pave hoops which are like a less refined version of my rose gold Alexis Bittar hoops. I kind of like the rougher, more casual look of these earrings. They're a good everyday pair. 
I think I'm also going to get a lot of use out of these adorable starburst earrings. I've been wanting starburst earrings like this for a while so I was so happy to find them at this sale. I think I might remove the pearl to make these look a little more expensive.
One of my favorite finds were these Sunset on the Seine Statement Studs. They normally retail for $34. I think they look so much more expensive than they actually were. It bugs me a little that they're the same earring. That is, instead of purchasing a left earring and a right earring, they seem to have sold me two lefts or two rights. Still, I don't think anyone will really notice and it was a fantastic deal.
I am in love with these Art Deco Trapeze Earrings. They normally cost $42. I think they're so chic as far as costume jewelry goes. I was tempted to get the yellow pair as well but I restrained myself.
I'm not really one for stacking rings or bracelet as I just find wearing a lot of jewelry to be heavy and extraneous but I think I'll be wearing this set of 6 Stackable Rings in one arrangement or another quite often. All six rings only cost me $10.
This Engraved Spinner Pendant Necklace is not just adorable but also lots of fun to play with. I can be a little fidgety and I expect that I won't be able to resist toying with this when I'm nervous. This is normally priced at $38 and only cost $20 at this sale. I think $20 is about the most I'd pay for a necklace of this quality.
Finally, I purchased a Tresors Moon and Star Charm which normally costs $32 for $10. I think the little star really pushes it to a must have item.

Now, for the haul from the damages room. If you'll recall from my review, all of the following items only cost me $10.
Most of the items I found don't seem to be damaged or are barely damaged. This rose gold pave branch bracelet seems to be in perfect condition, as does this tri-tone bangle set and sparkly stretch bracelet.
I also can't find anything wrong with this Tresors Horseshoe Charm or Tresors Birdcage Charm.
This Coral Branch Cuff is in fine condition even if the color is a little off. It isn't terribly tarnished and I'm sure I could polish it or soak it in some solution that would bring it back to its normal gleaming gold state.
The same could be said for this coral necklace which has all its stones but is slightly off-color.
These Nested Bellflower and Pearl Earrings seem to be in perfect condition.
Now I don't mean to suggest that there was nothing damaged in the damages room. This Stone Embellished Collar Necklace which I've actually been coveting for a while was thrown into the damages room simply because it's missing one stone. This is a bit ridiculous as a different version of the same necklace with a more complex pattern of colored stones was being sold for $40 as a statement necklace in the inventory room. I'm not going to complain, though. It shouldn't be too hard to find a rhinestone to fit the setting and until then, I have no problem wearing this necklace as is.

This Crystal Studded Ribbon Chain Bracelet is also just missing one rhinestone.
These honeycomb cuff bracelets which I may occasionally wear Wonder Woman style are also only missing their center stone.
These otherwise perfectly intact Art Deco Metal Stretch Bracelets were relegated to the damages room because the elastic between two of the connectors snapped. It should be pretty easy to find a fix for this.
Now, there were a few items that were more damaged. This flat pave oval pendant is missing its chain and possibly other attachments but it's otherwise in perfect condition.
This art deco style cuff is missing quite a few stones but I kind of like the aged, tarnished look of it.
This necklace is missing some pieces but it should be easy to repair it with some jump rings.
All this bracelet needs is some jump rings and closures.
I have no idea what I'll do with this fragment of a necklace though.

Whew! And that is everything I purchased. I hope you enjoyed seeing my haul. Let me know if you'd like to see more hauls from me in the future. And if you attended this sale, I'd love to see what you found so feel free to link to your posts in the comments.

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