Sunday, October 14, 2012

REVIEW of Essie's Lacy Not Racy With SWATCHES

Hi darlings!

So, today's dash of insanity is not really part of the post itself. You can't tell from my swatches (since they are close ups of my hand) but I kept getting home late the week I had painted my nails with Essie's Lacy Not Racy so on day 2 of wearing this polish, I just grabbed my camera and took it to school with me. So I took the majority of these pictures (and many more because I take way more pictures than I actually show you in my attempt to get high quality, color accurate shots) in public. I'm usually out on my balcony when I do my swatches. Let me tell you, when you are taking pictures of your hand out in public, people look at you like you're crazy. And I live in NYC. Anyway...onto the review!

I bought this after reading a post on I love the sisters behind eleventhgorgeous by the way. You should absolutely check out their youtube channel. I think they're hilarious. Anyway, I bought this polish because every single fashion magazine has been going on and on about oxblood and I'm not the kind of person who invests in a purse or a pair of shoes in the color of the season. Nail polish is so much easier. So, I ran out to Eve Beauty Source, my local source for old Essie polishes. They're $6.99 so I save the tiniest bit of money. I grabbed all of these oxblood/dark red polishes and then decided to get Lacy Not Racy anyway. Another dash of insanity.

Color: I am not comfortable calling this oxblood. I think it can occasionally look like oxblood, but to me, it is darker than oxblood. I would categorize it as wine red. The deepest, richest, darkest kind of wine red. And, indoors in dim lighting it can go very dark until it's almost black. But I did the guy test (where you ask a guy what color he thinks your nail polish is) and he said it was dark red so don't worry, it's not one of those dark polishes that just ends up looking black.
Formula: It wasn't a perfect Essie formula. It may have been a bit watery but it certainly wasn't unmanageable at didn't run into my cuticles or anything like that. My main problem was that I needed FIVE coats to get it fully opaque. FIVE coats. For a dark polish. What!?!
Application: Application was not bad. The polish glided over the nail very smoothly. It was just very difficult to get even, opaque coats. I won't say it was patchy but it did seem oddly sheer. FIVE coats!
Wear: This is one of those polishes that picks up smudges easily and it does start to look a bit dull. I'm not one of those people who applies fresh top coat every day though so it might make a difference if you do.

CONCLUSION: While I don't think it wears spectacularly and it isn't oxblood, I think Essie's Lacy Not Racy is a beautifully vampy, sexy wine red and I do like it. Wear could be better and I hate the idea of applying 5 coats but it applied very smoothly and if I can't find a better dark red, I would repurchase it.




I painted my thumbnail last. I just wanted to show you the contrast between one coat of polish and five. It goes on as a surprisingly bright red. Not as bright as in the photo but more of a true red than a dark red. 

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